Reality VERSUS Photography: The True Story Behind Those Gorgeous Weddings you See on Blogs

This post has been a long time coming. I am a wedding blogger and I was also a bride blogger. That comes with A LOT of pressure to have a trendyfabulouschicgorgeousamazing wedding. Truth? I nearly drove myself crazy trying to make my wedding blogworthy. I almost missed out on the entire purpose of the whole hosting-a-wedding thing – to enjoy a great party with my friends and family.

I'm glad that I came to my senses a few days before the wedding and stopped stressing out about pom pom garlands and lighting and DIY tutorials. But that great decision didn't really hit home until I saw pictures from my family and THEN got my wedding photos back from the photographer. Um. Let me let y'all in on a HUGE SECRET that the wedding blogs are trying to hid from you.

It doesn't matter what your wedding looks like in real life. A good wedding photographer will make it look blogworthy.

Don't believe me? Check out these ACTUAL photos from my wedding and see how the Reality (i.e. candids from friends and family) compare to the Photography (images from the wedding photographer):

Reality Photography Bridal Bouquet 
Reality Photography Bride 
Reality Photography Bridesmaids 
Reality Photography Centerpieces 
Reality Photography Ceremony Backdrop 
Reality Photography Wedding Cake 
Reality Photography Wedding Reception Table Settings 
Images Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography and my mom

See the difference? A good wedding photographer can make ANY wedding (from a $40,000 fete in Italy to a humble $5,000 backyard shindig) look AMAZING. It's all in the experience, the editing, and the eye. THAT'S why you should never try to “compete” with weddings you see on blogs. THEY HAVE BEEN CROPPED AND EDITED TO LOOK STUNNING – your wedding (no matter what) will NEVER look exactly like them.

Because you can't see real life through Photoshop.