#1 Tip For Staying At The Fort At Walt Disney World

As many of you know, we love to visit Walt Disney World and go a couple of times a year. This past January, we had the opportunity to stay on-site at The Fort – an RV and campground resort at the park.

We absolutely loved the experience!

One big reason was that we were able to rent an RV and have a little breathing room (instead of all four of us cooped up in a standard room at a value resort).

The kids had their own space, we had ours, we were surrounded by nature, and could cook our own meals. The Fort is also considered a deluxe resort so we had direct access to the Magic Kingdom (and MUCH shorter security lines).

It was a blast and ultimately cost us the same amount as staying at a lower end standard room at a moderate resort.

#1 Tip For Staying At The Fort At Walt Disney World

But wanna know my absolute FAVORITE thing about staying at The Fort? It was our golf cart.

Texas Mom Blogger, Kiss My Tulle, shares her #1 tip for staying at The Fort at Walt Disney World. Hint, it's awesome for families with young kids!

Honestly, that golf cart was an added splurge (for us) that made all the difference. It allowed us freedom and an extra bit of fun that just made the rental so, so worth it.

We loved the freedom that a golf cart offered our little family. My husband and I are 52 and 41 respectively and our kids were two and five when we went.

Why A Golf Cart?

Y'all, young kids require A LOT of stuff. We had a park bag with snacks, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, etc. We had a double stroller. We had bottles of water. We had their bubble blowers and cardigans and rain ponchos.

I mean, we had enough stuff to pack around (not to mention two squirrely kids) that it made the idea of using the internal bus system a nightmare.

With the buses, we would have had to unpack and fold up our stroller every single time we got on and off the bus. We also would have had to get our kids on the bus, settled down, and then off again.

We would have had to be at the mercy of the bus schedule.

We would have had to be around other people. I am extremely introverted and my husband has PTSD – that means that we don't handle crowds well AT ALL. Also, we have a daughter with a behavioral disorder that makes it hard for her to follow rules and understand social skills.

Yeah… the bus was not a good option for us.

Why We Loved Our Golf Cart

Our golf cart rental was very affordable (about the same price as renting a car for the week). It was an electric model so it didn't cost us any extra in gas.

The golf cart had seating for four (though it totally fit my husband and a bunch of small kids one night when we took friends to Chip -n- Dale's Singalong) and every seat had a seat belt.

Our model had a cooler and lots of cup holders. There was also a large storage shelf/compartment in the front.

When we would head out to the boats that took us to Magic Kingdom, I would sit in the back with Finn and hold the handle of the stroller while it wheeled behind us. My husband would just drive a little slower and it worked perfectly.

The Kids Loved It

In addition to just being SO MUCH BETTER for my husband and I's sanity, our golf cart had the addition distinction of being really, really fun!

I honestly think Finn regarded it as another ride. He would laugh and laugh as we drove around The Fort. Both kids loved decorating our cart and the battery lights were a hit.

Team Golf Carts At The Fort

There's quite a golf cart culture at The Fort, too.

A lot of people rig up lighting systems and fun decorations on their carts. It's so cool to see all the creativity!

The best though are the people who own their own golf carts and get those babies customized.

On our last visit, we saw a golf cart that looked like Mater from “Cars”, a “Finding Nemo” themed cart, and a massive 10-seater decked out like a stretch limo.

How Can You Rent A Golf Cart?

So glad you ask! It's so, so simple an the company we rented from were super professional and lovely.

Click Here To Rent A Golf Cart At Walt Disney World's The Fort!

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