Six Delightful Cactus Items That You Can Get with Amazon Prime Right Now

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Recently I was cruising around the ol' blogosphere and noticed something – cactus is the new pineapple! Like, remember how EVERYONE was decorating with and dressing up in pineapples at the beginning of the year? And why not? Pineapples are cute and colorful! Well, we're moving out of summer and into fall and apparently, also moving from all things pineapple to all things cactus. Which is awesome! Cactus are soooo… fun. I mean, not touching a real one – but decorating with faux ones or prints? F U N! Gone are the kitschy, southwest style cacti from the 1980's. It's all watercolors, pretty greens, and chic patterns now! Don't believe me? Just check out these six delightful cactus items that you can get with Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW!

Don't have #FOMO Get one or ALL of these six delightful #cactus items with Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW

1 Cactus Art Print 2 Cactus Throw Pillow 3 Cactus Dryer BallsCactus Neon Light 5 Cactus One Piece Swimsuit 6 Cactus Flour Sack Dish Towel

Which of these cactus items are your favorite? Personally, I'm in love with the dish towels and that incredible art print! And guess what? I actually have those cactus dryer balls in my dryer right now! No joke – I really do. Share your favorite cactus products with me on Instagram using the hashtag #KMTlovesCACTUS.