Winter Honeymoon: What To Pack In Your Carry On


Ah, the honeymoon – think of it as your reward for surviving the wedding planning process! And start thinking of what to pack NOW. Because y'all, packing for your honeymoon somehow always becomes a last minute operation during those last frantic weeks before the wedding. To help you out, I've compiled a little list of what to pack in your carry on for a winter honeymoon:

Winter Honeymoon: What To Pack In Your Carry On

1. A satchel handbag is the perfect size for a carry on that fits under the seat in front of you! The roomy interior make it a good choice.

2. A thick infinity scarf is great for layering on over the clothes you wear on the plane (sometimes those flights get chilly!) and can also be used during your honeymoon.

3. Check out these colorful packing cubes! I favor using packing cubes because they help eliminate wasted space in your carry-on and keep things organized.

4. A set of clear bags (at least one should be TSA-approved for toiletries) really help keep you organized since you can see everything inside.

5. Remember to pack a Kindle Fire or a book. Those flights can be LONG and filled with unexpected delays and having something (ANYTHING) to keep you occupied is better than talking to your neighbor.

6.Go ahead and wear your slouchy knit hat on the plane. It will save you space in your carry on and allow you to tastefully cover up your bedhead (you don't really want to get out of your post-wedding day bed and shower if you could do other things, immiright?).

7.Some Uggs are perfect for travel to winter locales (and easy to slip back on after security checkpoints).

8. A travel journal is a great way to focus your thoughts and memories of your honeymoon.

9. Toothbrush, chapstick, and hand lotion. You'll need them. Trust me.

10. A good quality, waterproof camera. I like one that you can hold easily in your hand (who wants to lug around a full-sized one on your honeymoon?) and brightly colored (makes it easier to find).

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What are your winter honeymoon carry on essentials?