How Slacker Moms Can Conquer Mealtime Chaos with Red Baron®

// This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Red Baron® pizza. The opinions and text are all mine. //

Y'all have been with me long enough to know that I am a slacker mom. And not just a slacker mom, I am THE slacker mom. The Patron Saint of Slacker Moms, if you will. As a mom, I have discovered that the key to excellent parenting is setting the bar really, really low. I take my victories when and where I can and don't look back. In the summer, I count swimming in the pool as bath time. Melanie frequently wears costumes to the grocery store and I don't care because at least she's wearing clothes. Bedtime is less, “Stay in bed and go to sleep.” and more “I don't care what you're doing in there just stay in your room with the lights out so I can watch TV that is rated for mature audiences only.” My mealtime mantra is “anything + broccoli is healthy” – including pizza. Are you tired of all the mompeting and parenting shame, too? Then let this Patron Saint of Slacker Moms show you how slacker moms can conquer mealtime chaos with Red Baron®.

How Slacker Moms Can Conquer Mealtime Chaos with Red Baron® #ad #WingMama @Baroness

In my house, we deal with a lot of child-related storms (for example, temper tantrums because Finn is touching Melanie's tablet or Melanie asked for cheese, so I gave her cheese, and now she's crying because she has cheese) but most of our chaos occurs around mealtimes – specifically dinner. Raise your hand if that hour or so before dinner is THE WORST in your house. Ah, I see everyone out there has a hand waving around right now. Why is it that they meltdown and get all clingy right as you're trying to cook something that tastes good and everyone will eat? WHY? I've decided that they're doing it on purpose to slowly destroy me from within.

How Slacker Moms Can Conquer Mealtime Chaos with Red Baron® #ad #WingMama @Baroness

But seriously, all jokes aside, I'm going to let you in on one of my best slacker mom mealtime secrets – Red Baron® pizzas. Easy to make and everyone loves them. From the Red Baron® Classic Crust pizza, to the Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza, to the Red Baron® Thin & Crispy pizza – EVERYONE LOVES THEM. Do you have a partner who is a steak and potatoes kind of eater? Loves them. Picky toddler? Loves them. Kid who will only eat carbs and cheese? Loves them. Plus, you can find them in the freezer aisle of your local Target. Can I get an AMEN since Target is every slacker mom's personal paradise? Not only are there a multitude of toppings to choose from, the three different crust types give you even more options to make everyone happy. My kids like the classic crust (not too thick and not too thin, with just the right amount of crunch), my husband loves the thin & crispy (a flaky thin crust), and I like the brick oven crust (a unique crispy, bubbly golden brown crust) best. I pick out whatever everyone currently loves, pop them in the oven, and serve with a side of broccoli (see above regarding: “anything + broccoli is healthy”). Dinner is served and I'm earning another Red Baron® Baroness patch. Also, is there a patch for hiding in the kid's messy playroom and eating the entire thing yourself? Because I may have earned that one today…

You see, Red Baron® Baroness and slacker moms go hand in hand. We are each other's #WingMama. Are your kids so whiny today that you had to bust out the “mommy juice” (aka wine) at 5 PM on the dot? The Baroness understands. Gave your kid the tablet and let them do four hours of screen time because it was the weekend and you were tired of parenting? The Baroness won't judge. Did you go to your kid's school recital (I don't mean if you liked it or took pictures – just attending makes you super mom in my book)? The Baroness has got a patch for you and a promise to “Never Fly Solo.” Slacker moms love The Baroness's “whatever works” attitude and sense of humor. She is our people… with funny patches that remind us we are good enough. She is The Ultimate #WingMama.

How Slacker Moms Can Conquer Mealtime Chaos with Red Baron® #ad #WingMama @Baroness

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