Slacker Mom’s Guide To Handling Spring Cleaning

// This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own. //

I am a slacker mom. Don't get me wrong—I like nice things. I like having a clean home. I like supporting small businesses and environmentally-friendly products.

But I'm a total slacker.

I like ALL those things but HATE putting any effort into making them, buying them, or using them. So, trying to find the easiest green spring cleaning route for my crew has been a challenge.

Like using the Art of Green™ Citrus & White Multisurface Spray Cleaner, Cleaning Wipes, and Concentrated Multisurface Cleaner! They have made a WORLD of difference for us.

Slacker Mom's Guide To Handling Spring Cleaning


Now, full disclosure, I've always been lazy but since becoming a mom, it's taken on epic proportions. The saddest thing though? I still like having a nice, clean house—I just HATE having to DO the actual cleaning.

Which is really an issue once spring hits and I, along with half the population of Texas, get the urge to D E E P clean my house. I mean, the urge is there—the will is not.

So how do I, as Patron Saint of Slacker Moms, handle spring cleaning? Easy. I make my home a clean space by using green products! I pick up everything I need from Art of Green™ at H-E-B.

Here's how I do it; a Slacker Mom's Guide to Handling Spring Cleaning, if you will.

Step One:

Head to HEB and pick up affordable and reliable green cleaners that are 98% naturally derived. I have great news – there is a $1 OFF coupon for your next trip to save on these products! You can find it here!

I loved the scent of the Art of Green™ Citrus & White Multisurface Spray Cleaner and was really impressed with how well it tackled the grime in my kitchen sink.

Step Two:

Start with your kitchen. My theory has always been if a cleaner can actually clean the terrifying crumb fest/grease garage that is my kitchen, then it is something to keep around!

I spray everything that doesn't move with the Art of Green™ Multisurface Spray Cleaner Citrus & White Flowers. Then, armed with a sponge and microfiber cloth, I wipe down all the stuff I sprayed.

I repeat this step in the bathroom, too, and on my living room coffee table. I switch out sponges and clothes between rooms and refill with Art of Green™ Concentrated Multisurface Cleaner Citrus & White Flowers as needed.

Lastly, I use the Art of Green™ Cleaning Wipes Citrus & White Flowers to wipe down the chairs in my kitchen, random toys, and small appliances.

All in all, I spend about 45 minutes cleaning all the cracks and crevasses in the major areas in my house without subjecting my family to unnecessary fumes and allergens.

Step Three:

Use the products on everything! I used to save my green cleaning products and only use them sparingly. But now, I can afford to use Art of Green cleaners for all my spring cleaning.

They work, smell great, are super affordable, easy to buy, and use biodegradable formulas – I mean, what's not to love?!?!

Did you know that the Art of Green™ cleaners are also dermatologically tested to be safe for sensitive skin, USDA Biobased Certified, are not animal tested, are made with natural essential oils, are free of parabens, glycol solvents, artificial colors and phthalates?

And did you also know that the Art of Green™ Multisurface Spray Cleaner and Multisurface cleaner are paraben-free products? They come in containers made of recycled materials and the bottles are recyclable themselves.

Just check out the How2Recyle instructions on the back of the spray and refill bottle labels!