Tackling the Master Bathroom: The Befores and the Mood Board

Last post, I introduced you to Le Crappy Chez… just to give you a general taste of what we’re working with. Not a sexy old warehouse that we’ll rework into a magnificent loft-style living place. Not a lovely old farmhouse that just needs some elbow grease to make it into a contemporary living space with loads of character. Nope. We got a lemon and we’re makin’ lemonade… starting with the master bathroom. Before we even began, I pulled together some inspiration. Here's to us tackling the master bathroom: the befores and the mood board!

061311 b

When I started visiting The Boy at his house, this bathroom was already non-functioning. Like, the sink and toilet didn’t work at all. It was basically a room with a shower. And in only 1,200 square feet – that’s a lotta space for a shower. So, when we finally decided to start remodeling this house, the master bathroom was the natural place to begin. Let’s walk you through it shall we?

This is the master bathroom – a giant 5’x7’ (not so much) Features a non-functioning toilet (with a dee-lightful brown wooden seat) and a small square fiberglass shower with zero storage. I would also like for you to take a moment a drink in the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall wood paneling. Aw yeah, baby.

Master Bathroom Shower BeforeMaster Bathroom Toilet Before

Next, please note these beauties. That, m'dears, is the master bathroom sink vanity. Gorge, right? Please note the rust, the chipped enamel, the wood that matches the paneling. Sexxxy.

Master Bathroom Sink BeforeMaster Bathroom Vanity Before

And lest you missed it, here's a close-up of the sink vanity's counter top. And that? Is faux marble laminate counter top in baby blue. Baby blue! Beat that Sherry and John!

Master Bathroom Counter Top BeforeMaster Bathroom Heating Unit Before

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to the master bathroom's only storage – a rickety old cabinet hung above the toilet (anyone interested in straddling le toilet to root for that extra tube of toothpaste?) and a popcorn ceiling (complete with circa 1970's glitter!). Also, as a crowning feature, this bathroom boasts no overhead lighting or any kind of venting system but it does have a heat lamp. In Texas. Yeehaw.

Master Bathroom Storage Before

There’s no image of it but you should also know that the floor is covered in a stunning brown linoleum with a textured pattern of rocks on it. Truly something to behold.

And there you have it. That’s what we’re working with. And this, is what we’re hoping for. Something clean, some bright, and something coastal inspired. Lots of glass, lots of open storage, lots of texture. Here's a little mood board that I knocked up (heh.) with some specific paint colors and fixtures:

061311 j

Loverly, no? I am really looking forward to making this master bathroom into a small but inviting space that is also really functional. We don't have a lot of space to work with and (to keep the budget waaaay down) we're not planning on moving any plumbing. Our goal is to complete this entire master bathroom for under $2000 (doing the work ourselves).

Here's to us and our insanity! Have any of you remodeled a master bathroom? Was it this small? What was most important to you while you were doing it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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