Tasty Garlic Bread In Under 5 Minutes

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Oh, man. It's that time of year, am I right? I love Fall and all the upcoming holidays but it honestly feels like my entire life kicks into overdrive right about now. There's lots of theme days at Melanie's school, tons of parties, lots of extra blog work, and prepping the house for holiday celebrations.

So, is it no wonder that I'm always looking for fast, simple, and affordable ways to make weeknight dinners? We eat a lot of pasta during this time of the year and my crew loves to pair it with this tasty garlic bread that can be made in under 5 minutes!

Make this tasty @baysmuffins garlic bread In under 5 minutes! #dinner #recipe #ad  See my recipe: https://www.kissmytulle.com/2018/11/tasty-garlic-bread-in-under-5-minutes.html or pick out one of these awesome #BetterWithBays recipes to make today: http://bit.ly/2IjnbBf

Yes! This recipe is a dream come true for me. I mean, do I miss taking up massive amounts of space in my freezer with large slabs of frozen garlic bread that I have to pry apart and remember to thaw and then cook 30 minutes before the pasta is done?

No. No, I do not.

What I do love is this Bays garlic bread recipe that uses English muffins, butter, garlic, Parmesan, and parsley. I mean, I always have some of these English muffins in my fridge for breakfast so why not use them for other meals, too? Because Bays English Muffins are tasty at any time of day!

Tasty Garlic Bread In Under 5 Minutes

Make this tasty garlic bread In under 5 minutes! #dinner #recipe #ad #BetterWithBays

I loved making this Bays recipe because Melanie was able to help me. She's started to really get into helping me cook and this is a recipe that she can do almost entirely on her own (which makes both of us happy).

Melanie loved mixing the garlic that I minced into the softened butter and stirring in the chopped parsley. I helped her dollop a bit of the mixture on each half of the English Muffins and then she went to town sprinkling the cheese on.

Then, it's under the broiler for a couple of minutes and… DONE. Like, done DONE. I can get the garlic bread and dishes of pasta on the table in under 20 minutes! Which is awesome for this time of year.

Don't believe me? Check out this video of me making it real time!

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Make this tasty garlic bread In under 5 minutes! #dinner #recipe #ad #BetterWithBays