The Ranty Bride: Ode To My UPS Guy

Of all the people I thanked on the day of our wedding, there's one I forgot.

Our UPS guy.

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Image Courtesy of: Single Mom Seeking

Every day, you dropped off packages with a smile (and the occasional, 'Just one today!'). When the boxes were heavy, you helped me carry them into the house. When we weren't home to receive them, the packages were carefully placed in an inconspicuous location and out of the rain, so we didn't have a box malfunction by the time we arrived home. And you certainly didn't leave a pile of boxes on the front step with the "Hey, you have a package" sticky note right on them, like, THANK YOU FEDEX CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

You brought us our packages without judgment, and if you thought we should have been on Hoarders, you certainly didn't let that show to us. You asked how the wedding planning was going and kept an eye on things when you knew we were on our honeymoon.

In the crazy world of wedding planning, which is often full of disappointment and heartache, when the clock struck 6:00 PM and I heard the rumble of the truck down our driveway - I knew I could always count on you.

While we don't see you as often anymore, you're still in our thoughts.

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Image Courtesy of: SJ Signs

Godspeed, UPS guy.