The Ranty Bride on Wedding Rings – Buy Them Cheap. For Reals.

This is short so it gets right to the good stuff. AHEM.


My husband did it (twice…*). *perhaps he would have been a bit more careful had it cost more than $20, but we will never know.

The Ranty Bride Groom Wedding Band

I did it.

The Ranty Bride Wedding Band

Mine is no longer available, but it was $600.* Similar bands we priced were in the $1500+ range.

*Here's a similiar one for $499.99!

As for his? A friend of ours was comparing his wedding band, which was pretty much exactly alike, and nearly choked on his drink when the husband said his version cost $30. Our friend's was $800 (I KID YOU NOT).

And, honestly, Amazon has such good customer service that, if you look at reviews and find a reputable vendor, it's worth a shot. They have not compensated me for this recommendation* – I am just one happy customer. My UPS guy can attest to that.

*Though Kiss My Tulle is an affiliate of Amazon.