Things I had for my Second Child that I Wish I’d had for my First

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In the last few months, I've had several online friends announce pregnancies and then promptly beg for honest advice regarding what things they actually needed for a baby.

It seems that big box and online store suggested registries can be… overwhelming. I always take a moment to point them in the direction of this gem that I wrote after Melanie was born since it covers the bare bones basics.

But really, I'm going to be straight up honest with y'all to day and talk about the things I had for my second child that I wish I'd had for my first.

See, when Melanie was born, we were B R O K E and really had to make some careful choices about wants versus needs when it came to baby stuff (and that old post reflects that).

I ended up eschewing a few items that I really wanted because they were just too expensive or I felt like they should be considered conveniences and not must haves.

But, with Finn, we were in a better place financially and I was able to comfortably buy several items that ended up being completely awesome and useful.

Seriously, I genuinely wish that I'd been able to have them that first go around.

Things I had for my Second Child that I Wish I'd had for my First

Things I Had For My Second Child That I Wish I'd Had For My First

Muslin Swaddle Blankets:

We got three of these as a gift from a good friend of mine and, after using them during Finn's first week, I bought five more!

I love these ones and use them for EVERYTHING. As swaddles, as blankets (for both kids), as a changing pad, as a wrap, and (in a moment of desperation once) as a makeshift skirt for my daughter after an unfortunate potty accident.

They are gold – buy tons and use one a day (or more) and just pop them in the wash.

Freemie Collection Cups:

This is more for mom but I fell in love with them after receiving a set for review. They are amazing!

Discreet and hands-free pumping which is awesome when you have a job, or other children, or just don't want to strip down naked from the waist up to pump.

Halo Sleep Swaddle:

We got one of these free from the hospital when we were discharged and Finn lived in it for every nap and nighttime for weeks!

It was incredibly easy to use and, while he hated sleeping with his arms inside it, once we switched to the arms out style – Finn would sleep like, well, a baby.


Again, I received these as a brand ambassador and LOOOOVED them so much that now, I'm buying them myself.

Finn has extraordinarily sensitive skin and needs the simplest and purest wipes we can find. These are 99% water and never make him break out or get irritated.

Silicone Teething Rings:

I bought one of these off and then later found a few more on etsy.

Not only are they super chic and portable – they're awesome if you have an early teether (like both my babies) and need something other than teething biscuits or food for them to gnaw on.

Baby Moccasins:

I started buying these once Melanie was older and walking but man, I was SO glad to have them when Finn was a baby (and especially now that he's crawling).

They work with every outfit and all kinds of weather and look adorable!

Was there anything that you wish you had with your first that you ended getting for your second (or third or fourth…)?

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