Toddler Serving and Feeding Favorites

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Ever since I wrote this post on what I fed my toddler for a whole week, I've been getting people asking me to share my favorite products for feeding and serving my toddlers her meals. I'll be honest, I don't use much and tend to stick to whatever I happen to have in my kitchen already. But, I do use a few toddler specific items to prep and serve Melanie's meals:

Toddler Serving and Feeding Favorites

Ikea BPA-free 36-piece Dinnerware Set: We have two sets of each of these items and use them every single day. Super affordable, super colorful, and super durable.

Owl and Fox Straw Sippy Cup Set: I think we have every  single one of the cute sippy cups from this line by Circo! I stash them everywhere (in my bag, in the car, at The Boy's work, in every room) and they wash well. Heads up though – they DO leak if they lay on their sides for too long.

Food Pouches: These things are GREAT. I toss them in my bag for my girl to snack on easily and independently while we're out an about. They are also awesome for those times when the idea of preparing a meal for your child is just. too. much. You can even buy refillable ones for those of you interested in making your own food.

KitchenAid Kitchen Shears: Yes. You could buy the cheap kind but, I'm telling you – this is one time to invest is a great kitchen tool. I use these shears to cut up Mel's food – either to cooking it or to serve it. No need for anything fancier.

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What do you use to serve and feed your toddler?