Turkey Candy Favors for the Kid’s Table

// I received complimentary product in order to create this craft to share with you. //

THANKSGIVING IS COMING! THANKSGIVING IS COMING! Y'all – Thanksgiving is coming and I'm so excited! I adore this holiday and all the love and happiness that comes with it – family, friends, food, and football. This year is going to be really fun because Melanie's best friend is back in Texas and will be joining us for dinner. She's beyond excited and wants to sit at a little table with him so I decided to pull together a cute little favor for them to enjoy. Check out these turkey candy favors for the kid's table!

Turkey Candy Favors for the Kid's Table #Thanksgiving #turkey #kidstable #favor #holiday

How cute, right? They were SUPER easy to make, thanks to a pre-prepped kit from Oriental Trading Company. The kits include all the pieces to make the clothespin turkeys – precut foam shapes plus the clothespins. Melanie and I just peeled the adhered the foam pieces to make the turkeys. I did alter the directions slightly – I flipped the clothespins so that they faced down and hot glued them (me, not Melanie) to the back of each turkey body. That way, they could be clipped to the brim of an Oriental Trading Company orange chevron cup.

Turkey Candy Favors for the Kid's Table #Thanksgiving #turkey #kidstable #favor #holiday

So quick and so easy! Melanie was delighted with them (she deemed them “so, so cuuuute”) and loves that we added handfuls of harvest colored candies to each bowl. I think they're going to look great on the kid's table and be a big hit with the other kids… oh, who am I kidding? The adults are going to love them, too! They're adorable! And everything from Oriental Trading Company is so affordable that you can snap up a bunch of little craft projects to do for a great price!

Turkey Candy Favors for the Kid's Table #Thanksgiving #turkey #kidstable #favor #holiday

I'm thinking of pairing them with white dinnerware and some neutral napkins. Maybe add orange ribbons as napkin rings? I'm also planning to do a centerpiece made up of crayons and some Thanksgiving themed coloring pages. Are you doing a kid's table for Thanksgiving? Be sure to grab a few decorations and mini craft kits from Oriental Trading Company whip up for the Big Day! Everyone will love it and you'll have the chance to spending a little downtime doing crafts with your kids before the holiday chaos begins.

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