Wedding Wednesday: Attire for the Children of the Wedding Party

Good Lord! Is it May already?!?! Like, May 2011? Like a year until The Boy and get married – in the immortal words of Joey, “Whoa!” Wow, do I have A LOT to do…

One of the main things that needs to get done, and that approximately EVERYONE involved in the wedding is demanding to know, is what the wedding party attire will be. And the simple answer is…no clue. See, I have a TON of tweens, teens, and children in the wedding party and I’m worried about picking outfits now – just to have everyone outgrow them by next year. So I’m trying really hard not to pick anything specific. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t find inspiration (to keep the little beggars satisfied for now):

For the ring bearers (I have two), I was thinking of something simple but that mimic the groomsmen – who are wearing grey suits and blue striped ties. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to find cute bowties and suspenders for them but, just in case, I located some cute blue striped ties that are just like the GMs are wearing.

051111 a 

*1. J Crew Slim-Fit Bowery's Chinos in Raw Steel. *2. Old Navy Long-Sleeved Shirt in White Stripe. *3. Pecan Pie's Puppies SeerSucker Bowtie (okay, I know – it's a dog collar but you get the idea). *4. Sew Simply Sweet Polka Dot Suspenders. *5. Target Converse in Black.

I also have five flower girls (ranging in age from 5-10) and I have to tell you – I’ve had their outfits planned for, like, ten years now. I saw this image in an old issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and tore it out. I’ve literally hung on to it ever since because I loved it so much:

051111 b 
Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Weddings

I’m probably going to end up making these instead of trying to buy them. That way, I can just round up the material and let each girl pick out her shade of pink to wear. So sweet!

So what about you? What are your youngest wedding party attendants wearing? Do you have any suggestions or links to items that would match the looks that I’m going for? Would you suggest anything different? Chime in!