Wedding Wednesday: Doing the Hotel Block for Out-of-Town Guests BLOWS

This Wedding Wednesday we’re going to tackle one of the crappiest parts of wedding planning – arranging for the out-of-town guest hotel block. I’m not even joking when I tell you that figuring out the wedding’s entire microscopic budget was filled with less poo then arranging for that friggin’ hotel block.

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Image Courtesy of: Glamour

Basically, I forgot to do it but the save-the-dates went out, people started emailing, and I realized that it was time. So I went on Google to try and figure it out. And you what? There ain’t nothin’ out there! So, enter my (discovered via Twitter and OMG-do-I-lurve-her) friend, wedding planner extraordinaire, Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events.

I reached out to Liz, explained the situation, and she kindly answered my question. In a nutshell? This is a pretty easy task to conquer once you know the right phrases to ask and the right people to call. See Liz’s answer to my hotel block for out-of-towners question on Broke Ass Bride.

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The other part of the whole hotel thing is to know your crowd. I knew that only a handful of people would book rooms at the hotel but this group would be expecting a nicer than average hotel but not as fancy as a 5 star. So I did a bit of Google research and eyeballing the neighborhood and found this Holiday Inn. Built in the last couple of years, it features modern furnishings and a resturaunt + fitness center + indoor pool. And all for $99.00 a night (during Memorial Day weekend). SOLD!

In the end, what started out as a nightmare of not understanding and not knowing turned into a pretty easy task with a little know how and the right keywords.

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Image Courtesy of: Crosby Street Hotel

If you’re interested in booking a hotel room block at this San Antonio Holiday Inn then please contact Melissa Kim in the Sales Department. She was great and SUPER helpful. Another note? Try to book at least one day before your wedding and have check out the day after – this will allow your guests a little breathing room when planning their stay.

Did any of you book your hotel room block yet? What it easy? Awful? Confusing? Did you get a deal or get screwed? Share away!