Wedding Wednesday: Guest List Frustrations

Well, it’s Wedding Wednesday again. And this time – it’s a biggie. We are T minus one year from…Cris and The Boy’s wedding. Eeeeee! Omgomgomgomg!

At least, that’s what I was saying to myself last night when I was checking my calendar and realized that I have one year until my wedding and. I. Have. No. Guest. List.

[insert shocked inhales, sharp looks, and whaaaaats?]

052511 a 
Image Courtesy of: Wedd-ing

Yep, it is true. I am getting married in one year, I have already booked a photographer, and have a deposit down for a cake vendor (whose quote is based upon a totally fictional guest count!) – and I have NO guest list. It’s not all my fault though.

A couple of months ago, The Boy and I each took the time to sit down and write out our individual guest lists. I then dutifully plugged in each name into my Wedding Wire guest list tracker. And there they sat…waiting until the day that we declared them “in” or “oot” (hee. Canadians.).

052511 b 
Image Courtesy of: The Man Registry

See, I really can’t do anything else with the guest list until our freaking families freaking send us their freaking guest lists. I am maybe a little bit frustrated. See, several months ago, I asked our families to please send us their lists. Please. I don’t need addresses, just names, just something so that we can draft a list. So, please, dear parents – send me your lists.

And nothin’. And every time since then that I have asked about sending a guest list, I’ve gotten the old, “Oh, I know. I’ll do it.” And, NOTHING. It’s been months now and I have NO guest lists from these people. And I’m getting to the point in our wedding planning where I really, really need a guest count. Because y’all know that the difference between 100 guests and 150 guests to a wedding budget is astronomical (and since we’re paying for this shindig ourselves – we REALLY care about the total guest count).

So I’m begging you, Tulle Nation – help me. How in the hell do I get our families to turn over their lists? What do I say? What do I do? How long is too long to wait patiently? Have any of your run into this issue before? How did you handle it? Help me!