Wedding Wednesday: Help Me Figure Out This Friggin’ Fabric Ceremony Alter

Well, I’m fucked. I have got quite the little wedding DIY dilemma for y’all this Wedding Wednesday and I’m too lazy confused to figure it out on my own. Soooo, it’s Tulle Nation to the rescue!!! Dun Dun Dah Duuuun!

First up, I should disclose that last week I unintentionally landed myself a “real” job. Walked into an interview for a 2 month contract gig (we needed to build up our savings again after last year’s suckfest of last minute traveling) and walked out with a full-time job. It’s a great company and I adore my work environment (And my bosses? Married and the cutest things EVER!) but…

Now I’m struggling to fit the gym, The Boy time, cleaning my house, and wedding stuff into a few hours every day (Common enough problems, no? Y'all, I was SPOILED before!). And so, when a DIY I planned on being so simple turns into something else… I call on Tulle Nation to help me figure it out. Specifically, I need some help creating this:

021512 c
Image Courtesy of: Ruffled Blog

I LURVE IT! We are getting married under a huge oak tree on our property (the main branch is a good 10 or 15 feet long and forms a perfect arch). I want to have one of these fabric streamer thingies across the entire length of the oak tree’s branch.

Image Courtesy of: At No. 64

So all year long I’ve been collecting old cream, white, or beige sheets with the intention of dyeing them different shades of blue and making one of those suckers. Easy-peasy, right? Um. Not so much. Here’s what I got from the first two batches:

021512 b

And a close-up:

021512 a

Less like the gorgeous ocean hues I was hoping for and more like those ugly ass scrubs that doctors wear. HELP!!! I used a bottle of liquid RIT dye in Azure Blue on the first 4-5 sheets and a bottle of liquid RIT dye in Teal for the next batch of 4-5. I followed the instructions exactly (added salt and pre-wetted the sheets). I have a high-efficiency washing machine and did it as a heavy duty load on the hottest cycle (and added in the recommended extra rinse). The sheets all dyed beautifully (no streaking or missed spots) – it’s just that the colors are not pretty.

021512 d
Image Courtesy of: Green Wedding Shoes

So, Tulle Nation – what do I do? I have more sheets and time to dye them but do any of you know how to create the lovely aqua, turquoise, and robin’s egg blues that I’m hoping for? Any specific dye company recommendations or tips on using RIT dyes better? Anyone work for a fabric dye company who’d like to share some ideas with me??? Let me know, please – I’m flummoxed.

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  • Have you ever checked out Young House Love? They have some great tutorials on dyeing things, like her wedding dress (gasp!) and chair covers. Just a quick glance and it looks like they use two bottles of RIT dye when they do their projects. Other than that, sorry I can’t be much help!

  • You are so far along inthe game…but as a back up…..streamers from the dollar stores also make an amazing “ribbon” backdrop. Put a penny on the end of them the keep the straight… 🙂

  • Ummm, maybe I’m missing something, but aside from the Olive greenish looking one on the left, I think the other two colors are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Why can’t you use those? You may be like me and suffer from the DIY syndrome known as But-It-Doesn’t-Look-Like-How-I-Imagined-It-Would. Perhaps, but it still looks great. Ask The Boy what he thinks of the colors.

  • I could totally include ribbon and crepe paper streamers (that’s what you meant, right?) in with the fabric! I’m not picky about an all fabric backdrop – just picky about spending a million dollars on it/ending up with ugly colors.

  • I’m with Mindy. I dont know if I missed something but if you iron the wrinkles out of those babies I think the colors are great as is!! Also I have learned when in doubt ask. Reach out to someone who you saw do this and chances are they will be happy to share their tips.

  • Maybe try dying some streamers at the same time? Just to see if they come out bright or if that particularly fabric needs more color because of the thickness or density?

  • I would definitely use crepe paper streamers and ribbon! I did a mini version of this on a shoot recently, and it was really effective! Just remember if there’s any chance of it being a breezy day to weight the bottoms so it doesn’t flap all over the place! xo

  • Have you tried hanging the sheets in the sun and letting the colors fade? The colors are nice just too intense if you are after the lighter colors from the streamer photos. I did a similar project in pink using old thrift store sheets, but I found colors and patterns that I liked so no dyeing was involved.

  • I just made one of these for my upcoming wedding used yellow floral printed sheets. Once you have them down to strips they flow together really well, trust me. Its a super easy project. I made a second smaller one to go behind our wedding cake too!
    I think this might help you get exactly what you need. Change the color family by clicking the strip of colors just below the swatches. Hope it helps! So far you’re off to a good start! Your technique is good, you just need to mix some colors. Have fun!

  • PS two of those (the greeinsh ones) are in the inspiration photo below. Try using one of those colors to over dye the blue one and I think it will fit right in!