Wedding Wednesday: Holy crapballs, The Boy and I are getting married on Friday!!!

Well, I have TONS of news for Tulle Nation. The Boy and I are getting married this Friday. Yep. THIS FRIDAY!


The above is happiness, fear, and a whole crapload of nerves. Because y’all know that The Boy and I have been engaged since January and planning a May 2012 wedding. We’ve chosen vendors, put down deposits, and the save-the-dates have already been printed. Why the change, Cris?

That Willie Nelson lookin' mother in the center is my Daddy (surrounded by granddaughters)

Well, my dad got sick. Like, very serious, aggressive, has only a few weeks to live cancer sick. Talk about your game-changer. I got the news on a Friday, The Boy and I flew into Alaska (my home state) on Thursday, and by Monday – we’d decided to have a civil ceremony that following Friday. When there’s a good chance that your daddy is going to die before your official gorgeous dress wearing/artfully crafted DIY projects/carefully chosen farm-fresh menu wedding in May? A quickie civil ceremony in a sundress and a potluck reception sounds pretty damn good.

So, here’s how it all went down. My dad was supposed to start chemo on Saturday (after the doctors found a slight opportunity to operate and give him the chance to live past 30 days); however, over the weekend his doctors saw something they didn’t like. They thought they saw more cancer (which would be fatal). I got this news while walking through Wal-Mart after getting a fishing license. I immediately turned to The Boy and said “So, should we get married on Friday or Sunday?” He voted for Friday. And that’s how we decided to do a for funsies wedding.

My Mom and Dad (pre-cancer)

We had kind of prepared for this, I had stuck a pretty sundress and cute shoes in my carry-on and The Boy had packed a dress shirt and nice loafers. I remembered to bring my wedding band and we warned our friends and relatives that it might happen. But, honestly – I don’t think that we really thought that we’d be getting married. We kind of hoped that a miracle would happen and it would all be moot. On a whim though, once we got to Alaska we swung into the Bureau of Vital Statistics and applied for a marriage license. Our theory was, they’re good for three months and so we figured – why not? We’ll be prepared! Good thing we did because a few hours later, we got the bad news and were able to plan a ceremony around the three day waiting period and the date that we’ll be heading back to Texas (leaving us exactly two days to choose from).

The Boy and my Alaska wedding (as imagined by my niece, Cortney)

So, here’s the deal. This is a simple civil ceremony. This is a SUPER laidback affair. Some of my family members won’t even be able to be there. Some will. There’s no time for cute themes or fancy DIY touches. But, my dream of having my daddy marry me to my best friend (and one of his favorite people) is going to come true and that, my friends, is all that matters.

Dad with his very first great-grandbaby

Phew. I shared so much detail and so many emotions in this post – hope you’re still with me. I hope that Tulle Nation will be thinking of my lovely dad this Friday (good thoughts, y’all!) and wishing me and The Boy well. I promise, over the next couple of Wedding Wednesdays, I’ll share all the fun little details, photos, and my thoughts and experience on this whole shindig. Much love, y'all!