Wedding Wednesday: I’ve Got Wedding Questions and Need Your Help

Today’s Wedding Wednesday brings y’all a buttload of questions. LOTS of questions. From me. ‘Cause y’all, I GOTS to know what in the hell I’m supposed to do with this here weddin’ plannin’. So, this is the post for all you wedding planners, vendors, real brides, newlyweds, big mouths, etc. – I NEED YOU!

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FYI, I had an impromptu, small wedding in Alaska (due to my father’s terminal cancer diagnosis) but I’m still planning a full scale wedding in May here at our home in Texas. That has resulted in an amazing memory but lots of new, unique issues – ones that I’m struggling to try and work out.

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Question #1: Do I still send invitations to the Texas wedding to the Alaskans who went to my quickie ceremony? I’d love it if they could come but worry that I’m looking like I’m trolling for gifts (which I am absolutely not!).

Question #2: Do I use the same ceremony from the first wedding in the second? Would it be weird if I wrote a brand new one? Who am I gonna get to officiate it now that my dad is gone?

Question #3: Is it okay to do some kind of tribute or memorial to my dad (whom we both loved) and not to his mother (who I only met once and The Boy was estranged from for over 3 decades)?

Question #4: Do I need to include the fact that we are already married on our wedding invitations or on the website?

Question #5: Is it still okay to accept gifts at the May wedding even though we’re already married?

Question #6: I invited my bat shit crazy sister to my Alaska wedding (I HATE her and so does The Boy – we do not want her to know where we live). Do I have to invite her to the May wedding? I’m inviting the rest of my family and would like to invite her 13 year-old son (who lives with her).

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If any of you can answer any of my questions (or just have an opinion) PUHLEESE help me! I am still befuddled from my dad’s death last month and I’m really freaking out about much wedding planning I have to fit into the next six months. Thanks, y’all – you’re the bestest readers ever.