Wedding Wednesday: My Lips Suck. Help Me Pick Better Ones.

Remember how y’all helped me figure out my wedding day hair? And then my wedding jewelry? And how about when y'all chimed in on my wedding inviation suite? Then you helped me choose my wedding reception centerpieces? Well guess what? I need you again!

This time, we be discussing my wedding day make-up – specifically, my lips… or lack there of. See, I have pretty large features. Prominent forehead. Big nose. High cheekbones. Strong jawline. And then there’s my lips… barely there (and please, enjoy this outtake from our Alaskan civil ceremony):

Image Courtesy of: Golden Heart Memories Photography

I really, really do not know what to do with them (on my wedding day and in real life). Usually, I just slap some Burt’s Bees on ‘em and go. I’ve tried lip liner and lipstick but it always ends up looking really… odd. There’s just not enough there to feature. This is a problem.

See, when my best friend (and matron of honor) volunteered to do my make-up on the big day, I started pinning make-up ideas. And then I noticed a pattern. Gorgeous natural make-up with great smoky eyes… and lots of gorge, full lips. Oy.

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Images Courtesy of: Jim Heljm, Confessions of a Wisconsin Housewife, Fernec, Candice Fan, Girly Me, and My Opera

See what I mean? I adore this style of look and think that it would look fab with my wedding dress but how in the hell am I supposed to get lips (Short of injections – nothankyou.)? Tulle Nation, do any of you struggle with SLS (Small Lip Syndrome)? How do you compensate? Any tips for me on how to fake the full lip look? Or maybe you know of a fantastic website that offers free beauty tips? Help me out, y’all!