Wedding Wednesday: Kiss My Tulle Gets Engaged!

Introducing a new weekly column for the next year-ish… Wedding Wednesday! Yep, Kiss My Tulle has gotten engaged and I'm sharing the planning details with you.


We've been together for just over five years. Lots of long distance. Lots of back and forth from Alaska to Texas. Lots of communicating and figuring each other out and some fighting. And now, we're engaged.

I am so very, very excited to commit to this man and share my life with him. When he asked me "To marry [him] and have babies with [him]", I was so surprised and overwhelmed that it took me an entire day to finally answer "Yes" (via a text message – we are the last of the big romantics). He told me that I could pick out my own ring. He knows me so well.

We got the ring this weekend and it is perfect (the selecting and purchasing of the ring will be in a forth coming column - you WILL NOT believe the deal we scored on that baby!). I cannot stop looking at it. In the daylight, in the shower, while I workout, in the grocery store. I just can't seem to help myself.


We haven't made a lot of plans yet. Here's what we do know:

  • We'll be getting married in late April or early May of 2012. I was informed that I was not allowed to plan a wedding during hunting season or The Boy's annual fishing trip. Hee. That's alright. Spring in San Antonio is lovely.
  • We'll be getting married here at our house. There is a gorgeous oak tree on our property that will make the perfect alter. We also have a lovely little side yard where the reception will take place. I love that we're getting married at our own home – it will be one of many special memories that we create here.
  • The wedding will be small-ish. I never wanted a big wedding and that kind of thing doesn't interest him. So small and sweet it is.
  • One of our colors will be blue. He has a grey suit and blue shirt that I LOVE on him (so sexy). I'm planning the wedding around the suit. Seriously.
  • I'll be DIYing as much as humanly possible. It's in my nature and I think it'll be a lot of fun.
  • My dad will be performing the ceremony. Don't know the legalities in Texas but some how, some way – my daddy is marrying us. It is THE ONLY thing I have ever dreamed about. Not the dress, not the guy, not the venue. All I have ever known is that my dad (my sweet, wonderful, gentle daddy) will be the one to help us into the next chapter of our lives.

In the upcoming week, we will be:

  • Registering at Target and Crate and Barrel
  • Finding (or making) a planning binder
  • Attending a bridal fair with my best friend (and Matron of Honor)
  • Getting the appraisal for my ring and filing it with The Boy's insurance company
  • Trying to finalize a wedding day
  • Creating a wedding inspiration mood (bulletin) board

Until then, I'll leave you with a little preview of what I'm thinking of for my own wedding:


Images Courtesy of: Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Project Wedding