Wedding Wednesday: Our Mission Statement

This last week was a little overwhelming for us. I graduated from college, he had an epic weekend of deer sausage-making, we worked on our bathroom remodel more, started examining our finances, and basically being overwhelmed with life. So…not much wedding planning stuff happening in these parts.

One thing we did manage to do? Draft our wedding mission statement. That's right - just as I recommend to couples this post, a mission statement is a great way to remind a couple of the direction they hope to follow to achieve their dream wedding and gives guidelines on how to get there. Here's what we came up with:

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Simple and to the point. The point of a wedding mission statement is to help you remember that this is the wedding we want, these are our goals, and consider how our decisions can help us meet these objectives. I printed this out and have it displayed in my office area (next to my wedding mood board!) so that I can have a daily reminder of what is actually important during this whole wedding planning process.

How about you? Have you created a mission statement or list of goals for your wedding? Do you think that a visual reminder of your objectives would help you achieve your dream wedding? Share, share!