Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Video Highlight (watch it because there’s a donkey).

Alright… you asked for it! Here's a short video highlight from my May wedding (shot and created by the AMAZING Katie Farrin of Lovebird Productions). Watch it. There's a donkey. And a dog. And kids climbing oak trees. You know, just your average Texas Hill Country wedding.

See?!?! I TOLD you there was a donkey (Who belongs to the ranch next to us, stopped by the fence to visit, and was the highlight of my wedding – everyone loved feeding the donkey.). And the shot of my daddy's red bandana? Kills me. Every time. 


I cannot express how happy I am that people convinced me to hire a wedding videographer. We definitely had some really special moments (like my wedding party spontaneously singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to my autistic niece to prevent a meltdown) that were just better captured on video. Katie was incredible, discreet, professional, and wildly affordable. Hire her. Hire her now. And then kick back and enjoy my wedding video again… you know you wanna see the donkey.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

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