Wedding Wednesday: Reflection

Going to keep the post short today. When I started doing Wedding Wednesdays way back in January the plan was to dedicate them completely to my wedding plans, ideas, and DIY projects. Then life happened. I graduated and couldn’t find a job, The Boy began counseling for PTSD, and then my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

And everything changed.

The Boy and I rushed up to Alaska and held an impromptu civil ceremony. My dad officiated. It was nothing like what I wanted but everything that my dad needed.

CrisandJerry 96
Image Courtesy of: Tori Brennan

On Sunday evening, my dad passed away at home and surrounded by his family. It was exactly what he wanted. It was exactly what we wanted for him. So this Wedding Wednesday is devoted to my dad, James Wesley Stone.

Image Courtesy of: Amber Westerlund

If you’d like to learn more about him, this is the obituary that my mom and I created for the local paper. I think it’s exactly him.

I love you, daddy. I was blessed to be your Baby Girl.

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