10 Great Father/Daughter Dance Songs

Thinking of using a familiar but not totally traditional song for your father/daughter dance (After all, how many more times can anyone handle hearing that damn “Butterfly Kisses” song)? Here's some great ones:

 Image Courtesy of: Katelyn James Photography

  • Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are: Bruno's voice is like chocolate and the lyrics say everything a girl wants to hear from her Dad.
  • John McDermott – Daughter of Mine: An Irish folk song that was my friend Helen's Daddy/Daughter dance song. The lyrics are sweet and the music is easy to dance to – a good choice for anyone who might need a slower tune due to a disability or illness.
  • Trace Adkins – Then They Do: I friggin' adore this song – even non-country fans will enjoy it. Sung very intimately and simply by tough guy Trace Adkins, this song was written and recorded to reflect Trace's own feelings about watching his pack of little girls grow up. This was the song I danced to with my Dad at my civil ceremony.
  • Ray Allaire – A Song for My Daughter: Okay, this is a little bit cheesy but it's a GOOD cheesy that not that many people have heard. Great for a more traditional dad and daughter duo.
  • Jo Cunningham – My Daughter: A folksy little song sung by a dude who's voice could be your dad's.
  • Murray Gold (featuring the BBC National Orchestra of Wales) – I Offer You My Daughter: Fans of instrumental music (and Doctor Who!) will love this strings heavy song that's perfect to waltz to.
  • Frank Sinatra – I Wish You Love: You can't go wrong with Frank. Know what I mean?
  • Ray Charles – This Little Girl of Mine: It's Ray and it's awesome.
  • Paul Simon – Father and Daughter: Such a classic song for dads reflecting on their daughters. Paul's simple lyrics and the music's upbeat tone make this is a slightly livelier version of the traditional Daddy/Daughter dance.
  • Heartland – I Loved Her First: A straight up country song that is perfect for any dad having a little bit of a hard time letting go.

Sweet Touch: At several of the weddings that I have attended in the past couple of years, I've seen a really sweet little thing that I hope moves from a trend to a tradition. During the Father/Daughter dance, the first verse and chorus are danced as a solo for the Bride and the Father of the Bride. Then the Master of Ceremonies opens the dance floor up to ALL fathers and daughters to join in the dancing. This is a GREAT opportunity for fab photos and lasting memories – I would encourage you to give it a shot at your reception.

Brides, why did you pick the song you did to dance to with your father?

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