13 Reasons I Love The Boy

Gonna get all smooshy here. Today is The Boy's 46th birthday. And I adore him so I am countin' down the 13 (for February the 13th) Reasons I Love Him.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

  1. You love cartoons. Any cartoon.
  2. When we go out for fro-yo you always get two different flavors in one cup and the giggle about it.
  3. You not only eat your vegetables – you love them.
  4. You give me money (so I always have some cash) but then we go out and you ask me if you can use it for the tip.
  5. For Christmas or your birthday – all you ever ask for is a hooker (P.S. Not happenin' dude).
  6. You're going to be my baby's daddy.
  7. You love to read as much as I do and get attached to characters and book series.
  8. When I come to bed at night, you roll over so I can scratch your back.
  9. You get excited for me when my blog is doing well.
  10. You actually enjoy Hamburger Helper.
  11. When you score with dirty words in "Words With friends" you always have to show me.
  12. You go with me to get manis and pedis (and love them).
  13. You are the official spider killer in our home.

How about y'all? How do you love your special someone?