5 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Mama’s Macy’s Anymore

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If you're like me, you grew up with a concept of Macy's (that cornerstone of America's department store culture) that was formed mostly from watching the original “Miracle on 34th Street” and shopping with your mom. But oh, man, you guys – has Macy's CHANGED! I was delighted to help MC a recent beauty and skincare event at the North Star Macy's in San Antonio this past month and discover how this mammoth of the retail world has evolved into a full spectrum, customized experience. From an in-store waxing and spray tans, to the cool pop-up style Impulse section filled with a diverse selection of focused brands, to highly-educated brand reps who are committed to finding you the beauty and skin care that works for you – Macy's has got it goin' on. It was so exciting for me to peek around and learn 10 reasons why it's not your mama's Macy's anymore!

5 Reasons Why It's Not Your Mama's Macy's Anymore #beauty #fashion #shopping

Full Service Salon Options: I always knew that Macy's had make-up and skincare lines but was really surprised to learn that they also had a full Benefit Brow Bar onsite plus did spray tanning. The services were located in a cute vintage pink-washed area behind the Impulse section and staffed by certified Benefit estheticians. I got my brows done while at the event and they looked fierce! It was quick and painless – those ladies really know their stuff.

Brands For All Price Points: Y'all know that I'm a huge advocate of high/low shopping. Invest in some quality beauty and skincare products that really go the distance and help you solve your biggest issues. Then, have fun and go crazy snatching up lesser expensive trendy items to play with. For example, I am devoted to using Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel every single day because it makes a huge (and noticeable) difference to my aging skin. However, I don't wear a lot of lipstick so I tend to pick up some NYX ones for under $10 and zero guilt.

Exclusive Products: Did you know that Macy's worked with several prominent brands to offer their shoppers exclusive products? They did! Smashbox created a complete line make-up brushes and Tiffany's has a divine fragrance that's packaged in a little blue box (how great would that look under the Christmas tree?). It was so cool to know that you could stop in to Macy's and grab an exclusive item that was created with the same quality known to that brand.

Personal Relationships: So, I think the biggest eye-opener at the event I attended was how personal the beauty and skincare service was. I mean, each brand has a dedicated staff just for their products. Everyone is educated on that specific brand and they don't swap staff back and forth between them. The lovely young woman in charge of the Bobbi Brown department had been there for five years and was insanely knowledgeable about it. She was devoted to Bobbi Brown's mission of educating

Custom Stylist: I was shocked to learn that not only does Macy's offer an in-store stylist to it's customers – they offer it FOR FREE. F R E E. Really. Victoria Martinez is the Macy's stylist at the North Star Mall Macy's and offers an exclusive experience for you or your squad. Looking for a homecoming dress? Call Victoria. Need a capsule wardrobe for all your business travel? Call Victoria. She styles her clients in an exclusive area of the store and is devoted to helping you find what works and on your budget. FOR FREE. I literally cannot stress the FREE enough. I know that I'm already planning to swing by and see her next year to work up some fashion awesomeness for all the conferences I'll be speaking at next year.

5 Reasons Why It's Not Your Mama's Macy's Anymore #beauty #fashion #shopping

Have I piqued your interest? Then you'll be excited to learn that the Macy's at the North Star Mall is hosting a special event for our “platinum customers” (and yes, that's everyone) this Sunday, October 15th from 6PM-9PM to showcase their best brands and products. Check out this PDF for more information (and click on it to access a printable version for your own use):

5 Reasons Why It's Not Your Mama's Macy's Anymore #beauty #shopping #fashion

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