6 Common Myths About Stitch Fix Debunked

// this post contains affiliate links which cost you nothing extra but allow me to help support my family. i received a free Fix to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. //

I'm going to guess that by now you've heard about the personal shopper subscription box service, Stitch Fix. This is a cool program that delivers a box of clothes and/or accessories to your door that are customized to your personal tastes and budget. I had them on my radar for several years but always assumed that it was too expensive, too trendy, or that the sizes where too small for me. However, I got the opportunity to try out a box last month and I. Am. Hooked. OMG! My initial thoughts about the program could not have been more wrong. So, in the interest of full disclosure, today I'll be addressing 6 common myths about Stitch Fix and debunking the crap out of them!

6 Common Myths About Stitch Fix Debunked #fashion #accessories #capsulewardrobe #StitchFix

Myth #1: They don't have my size.

This was what I thought, too! But, man, was I wrong. Stitch Fix carries a full range of items in sizes 0-16 AND they have maternity clothes, too! I'm 5'5″ and weigh in at 200 pounds – the size 16 clothes fit me just fine. The best news is that they'll also be debuting a plus size line in Spring of 2017! Oh, and there's a Stitch Fix for men, too!

Myth #2: It's super expensive.

Again, I thought so, too. I mean, HOW can they possibly have a viable business and keep the items in a price point that I can afford? The answer? They have a wide range of prices and you can decide what you can afford. During your style quiz, you'll be asked what price range you're comfortable with (and one of the options is “as cheap as possible”). I elected for the cheapest option on everything and my items ranged from $30-75. Very reasonable for my budget because I had planned to spend $80 total on this Fix.

Myth #3: I can't pair anything they send with what's already in my closet.

Honestly, there's always a chance that they won't. However, the style quiz plus the opportunity to leave detailed notes to your stylist basically ensure that you'll be getting 5 pieces that you'll really like. Plus, every Fix comes with a style card the shows two different looks that are possible using one of your pieces. Using my included style card, I was able to pull pieces from my own wardrobe that worked with the items Stitch Fix picked for me. I loved that since I'm terrible at trying out new looks. It really allowed me to not only try on each piece, but really see how I would wear it in real life with items from my closet.

Myth #4: I have to pay to ship everything back.

Nope. Each Fix comes with a pre-labeled USPS envelope. You have three days to try on (and fall in love with) your items and then pop anything you're not keeping in the mail for FREE. Also, if you have an item that you really like but think the fit is wrong or you'd like to have it in a different color that Stitch Fix carries – you can totally exchange it for free, too.

Myth #5: There's no way they will know my style.

This is why that style quiz is so important! Stitch Fix uses it and your notes to your stylist to curate your items. The quiz is multiple pages and includes price ranges, fit questions, favorites/least favorites, pictures of looks that appeal to you, and more. It's really, really important to answer it completely honestly. There were times that I wanted to fudge a little with my measurements because I was embarrassed of my size or I wanted to pretend to be edgier or more trendy then I actually am. But, I'm SO glad that I didn't because my 5 items were spot on. Also, I highly recommend taking the time to write a detailed note to your stylist. In my note, I mentioned that I was post-baby and embarrassed about my belly, that I was nursing and needed access to my chest, and that we were planning a few nice holiday parties plus an upcoming family trip to Walt Disney World. I'm glad I wrote that note since my stylist referred to it multiple times in her style notes in my Fix.

Myth #6: I can't afford a monthly Fix.

Dude. You only need $20 to get a Fix. Every box charges a $20 styling fee (basically, paying the stylist to work through your quiz, notes, and needs and then select 5 pieces for you) but you don't have to buy ANYTHING. You only buy what you want and if you don't want or can't afford anything – back it all goes for FREE. You are only in for that initial $20. And, if you make a purchase – the $20 goes to the balance.

I loved my Fix. My 5 items were a very pretty necklace, two tops, and two bottoms. I loathe my super overweight, post-second baby body and really doubted how much I'd like what they sent me but I was SO wrong! I ended up splurging on one pair of pants (some black skinny fit slacks with pockets that fit GREAT) but really, really wanted everything. I still think about the striped top they sent! I'm so excited to see what I get in my February Fix. Sign up for yours today and then share your pictures on social media using the hashtag #StitchFix.