6 Hacks That Make Babywearing Easier

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Raise your hand if you're traveling this holiday season? ***WAVES MINE*** Yep, we've got two 12+ hour flights ahead of us as we fly from Texas to Alaska and back for Christmas. We've done this before and one of the questions that I always get from people is how we manage transferring planes and terminals with a baby. Well, I've got four words for you – The Ergobaby Omni 360. It's my go to travel must have when traveling with Finn. I love how secure and safe it keeps him while allowing me to hands free and comfortable. What I love even more was learning these 6 hacks that make babywearing easier from fellow bloggers and friends.

6 Hacks That Make Babywearing Easier

Image Courtesy of: Oh Lovely Day

Use Leg Warmers: This tip comes from Babywearers International and can be invaluable for those in chilly weather areas. You know how, when you put your baby in their carrier or sling, one or both pant legs eventually hike up? Baby leg warmers to the rescue! Put them under pants (and over socks) so when pant legs start their journey North, little legs aren't exposed to the cold.

Position it Easily: “To get the clip in the middle of your back, put on the carrier with the straps really loose, then you can clip it yourself up by your neck and when you yank the straps under your arms tight, the clip will move down. Then you don’t have to dislocate your shoulder to try and buckle it yourself.” Such a great tip from blogger Suzanne over at BeBehBlog that would have come in handy like, FOUR YEARS AGO.

Position to Breastfeed: This positioning hack comes from Larisha over at We're Parents and it's awesome for those nursing and babywearing, “Loosening the bottom seat and scooting baby down. Then retightening so baby’s mouth was level with my breast was a lifesaver for breastfeeding in the carrier.”.

Layering is Key: This tip is from long-time babywearer Danielle over at Mamademics, “Lightweight clothes for mommy and baby in the fall so that we don’t overheat.”. I know that you think it's cold and you need to bundle up but all you really need is thin layers.

Wear the Right Layer on Top: This is a great hack from Susie at Free Rose Studio and it goes perfectly with the tip above, “I liked using long shawls or V-Shaped ponchos as a “jacket”, I could wrap it around both of us in cool weather and tuck the ends under the carrier to keep us snug and warm.”.

Use those Baby Blankets: “Baby blankets wrapped around the front of the carrier for extra warmth.” – this excellent tip comes from Krystyn of Really, Are You Serious.com and is an easy one to do with those thin muslin swaddle blankets.

Use the Hood, Luke: Another genius (if not laugh out loud) hack from Krystyn is, “If you are eating and baby is sleeping, the hood will prevent food from dropping on baby's head.”. NOTED.

Be a Waist Wearer: This was such a “DUH” moment for me but one time at Disney World, my friend Nicole put on my carrier and wore Finn so I could ride something with Melanie. When I came back, she had unclipped the carrier part from her body to hold Finn in her arms BUT, she kept the waist band clipped so it was easily accessible. It had never even occurred to me to do that and saved me so much time taking the entire thing off and putting it back on.

6 Hacks That Make Babywearing Easier

Image Courtesy of: Oh Lovely Day

And, when in doubt, just look up videos for help. This one from Ergobaby shares to two easy steps for an easy and comfortable forward facing in Omni 360!

The Ergobaby is awesome! I love that it's an all-in-one baby carrier for everyone – literally EVERYONE. I'm short and 100+ pounds overweight and I was able to easily put on and wear Finn in the The Ergobaby Omni 360. I have friends who's husbands and father-in-laws were also able to quickly put on and comfortably wear her baby with this carrier. It is the most versatile carrier from Ergobaby and was designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind. This carrier offers:

  • all carry positions (face out or face you on the fly)
  • easily adjusts from newborn to toddler (7-33lbs),
  • no infant insert needed
  • features a lumbar support
  • extra-cushioned crossable shoulder straps
  • holds baby in a hip healthy M-shape position at all stages

Personally, my favorite thing about The Ergobaby Omni 360 was how incredibly easy it was to change up the sizes and positioning as Finn grew. I was really worried about not being able to do it right or figure out how everything worked but the Ergobaby Facebook page had so many tips and videos that it really eased my mind. In fact, they've made the forward-facing in and forward-facing out adjustment buttons color-coded to make it even easier!

Ergobaby Omni 360: When You Need Every Option