Getting Ready For Black Friday: What To Wear And What To Bring

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It's been a long held tradition in my life to participate in Black Friday every year! When I was younger, I would stay home and babysit my cousins so my aunt and uncle could shop. Then, I started hitting the sales on my own.

Now, I've indoctrinated my husband into the joy and bustle of post-Thanksgiving Day deals and we have a good time.

And do you know my keys to having a good time on Black Friday? Being prepared and having reasonable expectations.

By reasonable expectations, I mean that you need to understand that everything is just stuff. And there's no reason to be a horrible person over stuff. So, stop grabbing, pushing, and yelling. Get what deals you can and be grateful for those.

Everything else is just stuff. And as far as being prepared, here's my tips for getting ready for Black Friday: what to wear and what to bring!

Get Ready For Black Friday: What To Wear And What To Bring #blackfriday #shopping

Getting Ready For Black Friday: What To Wear And What To Bring

On You:

Comfy Dark Pants: I like wearing slim fit pants or leggings in a dark color. There's going to be lots of walking and bending (and you don't want to be tugging and pulling up pants all the time) plus tons of dirt and spills (and a dark color hides stains).

Relaxed Jersey Top: Jersey is great fabric that breathes and doesn't wrinkle. I like to wear one that's got a relaxed cut so I'm not accidentally flashing my post-baby rolls at the world.

Lightweight Cardigan: Layers are key to enjoying Black Friday. Pop on this cardigan when it gets chilly while waiting in line outside and remove it when you're waiting in line inside.

Pull-on Boots or Sneakers: Comfort is key with your Black Friday footwear. Now is the time for great arch support and/or fuzzy goodness on your toes.

Infinity Scarf: I always like to wear and infinity scarf as an extra layer. Go with a thin one so you can take it off and stuff it in your purse easily when it gets hot.

Slouchy Hat: Most of the time on Black Friday, I don't even shower before going out (I'd rather sleep). So a hat not only keeps my head warm – it covers up my gross bedhead.

Jacket/Gloves: As needed for the weather in your area.

In Your Purse:

A Bottle of Water: I stash one in my purse because I'm always thirsty!

A Few Energy Packed Snacks: I love these bars and some chocolate covered berries.

Chapstick: Forced heat and dehydration can make your lips chapped so I always have one of these on me.

Lotion: Same as with the chapstick, have some lotion on hand for your… hands.

Smart Phone or Similar: I make sure to load my smart phone up with shopping/coupon apps.

Notebook and Pen: Old school is sometimes best. I like to keep a complete Give List in a notebook and mark off items with a pen.

Mini Tissue: Keep a mini pack of tissues handy for blowing your nose, restrooms out of toilet paper, and cleaning/touching icky stuff.

Band-aids: I always have these on me because I am a huge klutz (and don't want to bleed all over the merchendise).

What's your Black Friday must haves?

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