Pooping While Pregnant And What You Need To Know About It

Ah, pregnancy. It’s a magical FREAKING time. I mean, when else will your hair spontaneously begin growing at a remarkable speed (and I do mean ALL of your hair), your balance is all out of whack, and pooping is a brand new adventure. No, seriously. I cannot believe how much of my pregnancies revolved around my ability to poop. Like, every doctor wants to know about it, talk about it, and sometimes – even SEE it. My husband and I would discuss it endlessly. If I couldn’t go – I was miserable. When I did go… well, it wasn’t like before I got knocked up. But, hey, at least it prepared us for how much we’d be talking about poop after the birth of our children (The answer: OMG! SO MUCH!). So today, let’s discuss pooping while pregnant and what you need to know about it.

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