Dear Melanie (A Letter to My Toddler Daughter)

It's been a long time since I just sat down and wrote about my girl. She's a toddler now and will be three in July. In August, she'll become a big sister to a little brother.

During her first year, I did a monthly rundown with photos and little notes on her favorites and sweet moments. I gave up doing those after that first year because… well, my kid was a DICK her first year of life. Like, full on asshole.

It made parenting and bonding with her very, very, VERY difficult. So after the first, difficult year – I was just enjoying finally enjoying my daughter and so all those little projects about her fell by the wayside.

I thought that I'd take a moment to write her a little letter and let her know that I love her so much. Right here. Right now.

Dear Melanie (A Letter to My Toddler Daughter)

Dear Melanie (A Letter to My Toddler Daughter)

Dear Melanie,

I tell you at least 50 times a day that “You are my favorite” and it's so, so true. I'm crazy about you kid. I love it when you run around naked.

I love it when you run around in just your Big Girl Panties. I love how good you are with your tablet and our cell phones.

I love how eager you are to “work” on the house – you love paintbrushes and tools and know how they are supposed to be used. Your whole life has been living in a house that's being remodeled around you (just like Mommy's).

And you love it. You would work the table saw if we let you!

I love hearing your little voice talk and sing. When I was pregnant with you, I never dreamed about having a baby or holding a baby. My dreams about you always started with you being older and talking to me. And now, you're saying the exact same little things to me that you did in my dreams!

“I help”, “I cook”, “Kisses” (although they sound more like, “I heep”, “I took”, and “Key-says”. I love how when you're mad, you'll just repeat whatever we say with a “NO” in front of it (i.e. “NO kisses”, “NO tushy”, “NO eat”) – it kills me.

I love how much you love superheroes, building blocks, Legos, and books. You are just now starting to play with baby dolls and pretend cooking/kitchen but your real love is building and playing out the little scenes in your mind with your toys.

Hulk (Huck), Mickey Mouse, Minnie (Mimmy) Mouse, The PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins, and Peppa Pig are big favorites.

I love how active you are. Yes, it means that you don't have the patience to sit still for a whole art or craft activity and you run around the room during storytime at the library but, it also means that you're strong and fit and adventurous.

You are completely fearless (you get that from your Daddy) and will climb up and on everything. No playground or tree is too big or scary for you.

I love how you sing little songs all day long. Your favorites are: “Old McDonald”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and “The Finger Song (Mommy Finger, Mommy Finger, Where Are You?”.

You act them out and it's beyond adorable.

I love how you're becoming extremely independent. You are almost completely potty trained and don't even tell me that you need to go when we're at home.

You can dress yourself (but still make Mommy do it since you prefer to be naked all the time) and love to pick out your own shoes and socks when we leave the house.

You have figured out how to open the fridge and can pull things out of the low drawer to snack on. You also know how to turn on the sink and brush your own teeth (with water).

I love that you can play by yourself so well. I work from home for long hours at a time and you happily play on your tablet or with your toys.

Sure, I take mini breaks to hold you and play chase but mostly – you're on your own and SO good at it. You do hate it when I workout or cook and bug me constantly during that time though.

I love that you are such a great eater. You have been since birth and there are very few foods that you will not eat or at least try. You eat fruit and vegetables like they are going out of style and whole wheat pasta with any sauce is a winner.

You also eat mushrooms, potstickers, Thai food, Korean BBQ, tofu, deer meat, and shrimp. You are a bean and cheese tacos and chicken enchilada lovin' fool. It makes your Texas Daddy proud.



If you could write something to your toddler, what would it be?