Gifts For The Crazy Cat Lady On Your List

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Admit it. You know at least one Crazy Cat Lady (or maybe you ARE one ***coughcoughMEcoughcough***).

For many of us, it's our dream to one day have a house filled to the brim with those furry little bundles of fun (for some of us, our husband's have made it perfectly clear that this will never, ever happen but we're still dreaming).

For these ladies, finding a Christmas gift can appear pretty easy – anything featuring cats, cats, and more cats.

So, without further adieu, here's a collection of gifts for the crazy cat lady on your list!

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Gifts For The Crazy Cat Lady On Your List

Any Minute Meow One-Piece Pajamas: Let me tell it to you straight. Everyone loves pajamas and everyone loves cats so everyone will LOVE this.

The Meow the Merrier Car Sticker Set: If she can't have her own house full cats of IRL, then she can pretend with this sticker book.

While the Cap's Away Bottle Opener: She likes cats and she likes opening alcoholic beverages. #WINNING.

Who Owns Who? Wallet: This wallet is CUTE and has cats on it. Christmas = done.

Some Purrs and Quiet Shower Curtain: Cats don't generally like bathing so this is an ADORABLE way for her to get her fix even in the bathroom.

Cats of Instagram: What's better than her actually checking out cats on Instagram. READING about the most popular cats on Instagram.

Lovely and Lush Velvet Bag: A bit of VELVETY goodness for all her holiday fetes.

The Pedigree-able Sort Tank Top: It's a tank top with cats on it. So, basically, it's AWESOME.

Cat Zodiac: So she can figure out her felines and their personalities by their astorlogical signs. #GENIUS.

Meow for Measuring Cups: Baking + cat lady = YUMMY.

Party Over Ear Earrings: Because why not give her a cat PARTY for her ears?

Luminosity Thrilled the Cat String Lights: Just watch her face LIGHT UP when she sees these babies!

So, what gift are you giving the crazy cat lady on your list?