Me At 30 Weeks

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I'm officially in the third trimester and feeling every last bit of it thanks to some serious humidity here in San Antonio.

Me At 30 Weeks

I'm tired all the time and get dizzy pretty easily but, all in all, I'm still doing really well.

As I did with my first pregnancy, I'm taking photos and doing a cute week-by-week FYI session from here on out (ala Little Baby Garvin).

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Cris Stone, shares a rundown of her 30th week of pregnancy. Find out more!

How far along?

30 Weeks.

Total weight gain/loss:

I'm still hovering around a 40 pound gain (and started off 50 pounds overweight).

Maternity clothes?

I noticed small holes in two of my old maternity pants this weekend so I'm going back to Target to pick up another pair of these leggings.

Stretch marks?



Sleep has been rough this week. The humidity is making me incredibly sweaty and uncomfortable.

Best moment this week:

Having other people do stuff for me.

We've done a lot of visiting this holiday week and I've gotten to just sit and relax while other people make the food and watch Melanie.

It's been awesome!


Kicking. ALL. THE. TIME.

Food cravings:

Watermelon and ice cream.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Riding in the car has been touch and go again this week.



Labor Signs:


Belly Button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or Moody most of the time:

Some anxiety with feeling pressure to spend money that we just don't have.

Looking forward to:

Starting some new third trimester based exercises while working out and just kicking back and reading magazines during my downtime.

In other news, I did the four hour glucose testing on Friday and will hear the results probably tomorrow.

I'm bracing myself for another round of gestational diabetes but still hoping to avoid it.

Mostly, I hate the required 48 hour hospital stay after the baby is born (and all the stupid blood draws that the baby has to get) so, fingers crossed.

I also got to swim with Melanie at my in-laws and yesterday and we'll be doing A LOT more of that this whole summer – it's was wonderful.

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