Melanie at 1 Month

Good Lord, it's been one month. One WHOLE month since Melanie was born. And while most of the time it feels like she's always been a part of my life… other times, I forget that I have a baby (Namely, that one time I was driving and a really good song came on the radio and I was rocking out to it and then heard the wailing and could not, for the life of me, figure out where the hell that sound was coming from. Yeah, parenting fail.). Anyhoodles, here's a wee one month update for y'all (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 1 Month

You are still too tiny for cloth diapers.
You smile a lot but mostly at daddy.
You can't stand having a dirty diaper.
You're fitting into 3 Months clothing.
I think you have daddy's eyes, nose, and eyelashes and mommy's lips and chin. No idea where your long fingers came from.
We finally figured out breastfeeding.
You love it when we drive around in the car and get angry when we have to stop for red lights or traffic.
You love sleeping in bed with mommy. You refuse to sleep in your crib or in a swaddle though you will sleep in a carrier or car seat.
You are starting to know your name.
You do not like being on your back.
Mommy's favorite time of day with you is when we first wake up and cuddle.
Daddy's is when he gets home from work and gives you lots of kisses.
You hate pacifiers and bottles.
We just love you.

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