Music: 15 Nontraditional Country First Dance Songs

The First Dance is reception tradition that a lot of couples really, really love and want to do. And that's great! The First Dance is an opportunity for the two of you to share a public “private” moment in the midst of your wedding reception plus it's a goldmine of photographic moments.

But! What about the song for your first dance? Oy, with the “Titanic” theme song and the various version of “I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing”… what if country is more your thing?

15 Nontraditional Country First Dance Songs

Here's my list of some great country songs that would be perfect for a First Dance but haven't been used at every wedding ever (hint: no Carrie Freaking Underwood):

Do you know your first dance song? Are you going with any of the ones listed above? Why did you pick the one that you did? Share away!