Welcome To Kiss My Tulle!

I have been wanting to do this for a long time!

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When I started a wedding blog, I had no idea that I would enjoy writing it so much and that people would actually read it. I am so pleased to share my newest effort with you all. Kiss My Tulle is everything that Love, Honor, and Cherish was (literally, I am working on coding all the old archives as we speak!) but in a newer, cleaner format and with a kicky name! This new location is such a great opportunity for me to start developing all the cool ideas that I've had for you all and that have been bouncing about my head (an etsy store, free downloads, lots more DIY projects).

Seriously though, I know how jarring it can be to change bookmarks and switch blogs (I've had to track down a few of my favorites in the past) and I appreciate your rejoining here in my new home. It's going to be a rough week while I steal time to code and design and make everything super cute – but I promise to keep you posted (check my new Twitter feed!) and I'll begin posting new ideas and tips on Thursday.

Thank you all and remember to change those bookmarks!


Cris Stone

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