My Favorite At-Home Pregnancy Workouts and Equipment

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In a few days, I'll be in the third trimester of my second pregnancy. Like my first time around, I've straight up gained a ton of weight (in my defense, I was already 50 pounds overweight to start so my total weight gained is actually a lot less than before). However, unlike last time, I've worked out much more consistently during my pregnancy. I average a little over an hour 4-5x a week. Sure, I could be doing better but I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far (especially considering that I work out at home, with a toddler, and run my own company). I am especially happy with how well I'm doing working out at home with limited space and equipment. I've had several readers ask me about what I'm doing/using so I thought I take a moment and share my favorite at-home pregnancy workouts and equipment:

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Summer Sanders' Pregnancy Workout: I really love this DVD. Like, I've really, really enjoy it since my first pregnancy. It has workouts for each of the three trimesters (in express and full length versions) and features Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders and her sister-in-law Keri Crockett, a personal trainer. The workouts are simple and easy to follow but challenging enough to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up. All you need is a stack of pillows and a resistance band (I also use a yoga mat and then add a chair in the third trimester) but you could totally do the workouts with dumbbells or even just your body weight resistance. What I love best about this program is that Summer and Keri feel genuine (not the standard, over-the-top cheerleadery stuff you normally get). They lose their balance, start on the wrong foot, miscount reps, and complain about the harder exercises. It really feels like you're working out with your best friend. This is also available as Amazon, Apple, and Google Play downloads.

Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy: This is what I work out to on my “off” days – the ones where my time is limited or I'm just exhausted and need a simple low-impact routine. This one's broken up into several sections including a whole introduction to the program, a cardio workout, strength training for the first/second trimesters, strength training for the third trimester, and a postpartum workout. It's a little cheerleadery and there's lots of fake smiling but the workouts are good, if very easy. Like I said, it's a nice options for the days when I'm feeling particularly lazy. The only equipment you'll need to do this is a few pillows, dumbbells, and a yoga mat. This is also available as Amazon, Apple, and Google Play downloads.

Elliptical: This is my preferred way to do at-home cardio workouts. I live in a rural area where walking/jogging is very unsafe so that's not an option for me. I like using this machine because it's easy on my bad knees, gives a complete workout, has built-in interval training programs, and takes up a lot less space than a treadmill. This is the one that I use but there are a million to choose from so do the research and read the reviews to find yours.

Moving Comfort Sports Bra: This is it. THE BRA. My girls are huge even when I'm not pregnant and this is the only sports bra I have ever found that straps those babies down without that awful, gasping pain of other bras. I also love how many of the models have adjustable Velcro straps so you can use them even after the baby's born while your nursing. The Fiona and Juno are my personal favorites. They're comfortable, hold the ladies in, come in a bunch of pretty colors, and TONS of sizes (30A-42DD). If you'd like to see more of what I wear to work out while I'm pregnant, check out this post.

What is/was your favorite way to workout at-home during your pregnancy?