Our Honeymoon Diary: Peabody and Gloucester

After spending the night in Rhode Island, the next couple of days of our honeymoon were spent VERY pleasantly in New England – specifically in Peabody and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Let me tell y’all something, I would move there in a heartbeat. LOVE!


We actually accidentally wandered into Peabody because a close friend of mine is descended from THE Peabody family from which the town was named… plus, The Boy had to pee so it was a logical stop. We drove around a few of the residential streets and drooled over all the amazing old cedar-sided houses (again, LOVE). Then we hit a mall to well, buy me underwear and sneakers (because I had packed so poorly), eat lunch, and stock up on books.

Next, we detoured to Gloucester which was one of our favorite parts of our entire honeymoon road trip. We both love fishing and so this chic yet working class coastal fishing town was so amazing to us. We stopped off at the visitor’s center (where we were enthusiastically greeted by Princess the “official” greeter) and chatted a bit with the ladies there. They recommended that we visit the Sleeper-McCann House and eat dinner at The Causeway (THE spot the locals go to).

Before leaving, we wandered around the grounds for a bit. Truth, we only did it because the ladies were insistent that we should do it… and man, am I glad we did! The visitor’s center is located at the exact spot where the failed Dorchester Company landed. There’s this HUGE (like 20 foot tall!) rock there with the most beautiful engraving on it to commemorate the landing. And you walk all over it! Worth a few extra minutes at the visitor’s center.


Next we visited the Fisherman’s Memorial in Gloucester (lovely and moving) and then tried to find the Sleeper-McCann House – but it took us so long that we missed the final tour. But the nice people there let us walk around the grounds and peek in the windows before the closed. That is one WILD house y’all. Visit it.


After the Sleeper-McCann House, we drove around Gloucester a bit to look at the pretty houses (this is a running theme throughout our honeymoon road trip) and then hit The Causeway for dinner. It is TOTALLY a local hangout – tiny room, folding tables, mismatched chairs, and located next to a liquor store so you can buy your booze and then go eat (this, in The Boy’s mind, was the best thing ever). It was there that I personally devoured a salad, a small loaf of bread, asparagus, a baked potato, and two (count ‘em TWO) boiled lobsters – the classic twin boil. YUM!


Did any of you take the raod less traveled during your honeymoon road trip?

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