Our Honeymoon Diary: Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Washington, Rhode Island Road Trip

We started our honeymoon road trip the Tuesday after our wedding very, very early in the morning. We loaded up the car and headed out of Texas. Since we’ve already traveled around Texas a lot, we decided not to linger in the state and just head straight through to Louisiana. Along the way, we stopped once for gas (and I loaded up on all junk food and soda that I hadn’t been eating for the two months before the wedding) but pretty much just drove – well, he drove and I napped. Y’all, it was FREAKING early in the morning.

Honeymoon Road Trip Junk FoodHoneymoon Road Trip Junk Food

Not much happened our first day of driving. We drove, napped, read books, talked, listened to music (for reals, y’all – STOP playing Taylor Swift songs on every station ALL THE DAMN TIME), and maybe or maybe not fooling around a little. It was just really nice to finally be able to not work on the wedding, not stress out about the wedding, and not talk about the wedding. We were just able to be a couple and enjoy being together.


The first night we stayed at a La Quinta outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama that wasn’t the great but was clean and well-priced. That first night, we ate dinner at THE BEST wing place ever… seriously; we’re still talking about it. It was just a small local place called Bama Wings Fish & More and was YUM! We hung out with some locals, inhaled more wings than I am willing to admit, and watched the end of the Heat/Celtics game. All and all – a great start to our honeymoon!

The Boy Driving During Our Honeymoon Road Trip


The next day, I realized that we would be heading right through Virginia at noon time and made arrangements to meet up with Nicole from Big Day for 10k. We’ve been good online friends since fall of 2010 but have never met in person. She took The Boy and me to a FAB Korean BBQ place near her house and we talked. A lot. We only got to spend an hour or so together but it was fun and my husband still calls her “The Nice Lady Who Took Us to That Great Korean Place” (loads better than She Who Must Not be Named, I’m thinking’). After that, our intention was to head to Washington D.C. and do all the sights there but in the hour it took us to drive from Nicole’s to outer D.C., a storm kicked up and people were encouraged not to visit.

This would become a running theme throughout our entire honeymoon road trip.

Since the storm was coming and we knew we’d be heading through Washington D.C. again on our way back to Texas, we decided to just head straight toward New England (and our ultimate goal, Fenway Park in Boston – my ONLY “must do” for the entire honeymoon). And by “we” I mean “me” – The Boy made ME drive which totally ruined my personal goal for not driving during the entire trip. Way to fuck that up for me, dude.

And we drove. Through so many small states, I don’t even know. At one point we stopped at a Waffle House for lunch. Here’s a tip, when in a Waffle House – stick to the waffles. Anything else is just really, really awful.

Me, being forced to driveWaffle House

The biggest deals for my driving leg of our honeymoon road trip were:

  • We had zero construction or accident stoppage during The Boy’s driving legs but at least 10 during mine (and like, 6 of those were in Tennessee!).
  • The rest stops along the New Jersey Turnpike are AWESOME! Really. Clean, decent food, polite staff. Snooki didn’t ruin everything in that state.
  • I was bound a friggin’ determined to drive across the George Washington Bridge in New York City. In hindsight – can’t remember why. It cost us $20 JUST DRIVE ACROSS THE BRIDGE and The Boy almost punched some dude who tried to cut me off. The guy’s eyes got huge, he rolled up his window, and let me in. Winning?
  • Rhode Island hates you. Their state motto should be “Welcome to Rhode Island – we have no hotels. Get the fuck out.” It is a BITCH to find a hotel there. They are available only around Pawtucket or Providence or really, REALLY far off the highway. Don’t believe the signs! There are no hotels ANYWHERE.

Whoosh. That’s a lot of words y’all! I promise, I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures and less words from our honeymoon road trip!

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