Our Honeymoon Diary: Top Ten Reasons to go on a Honeymoon Road Trip

So, remember how I was all excited and announced publicly on my blog that we were going to London for our honeymoon? Um. That didn’t happen. Talk about your heartbreaker. I’ll chat more about this later in the week but today is about celebrating how cool the honeymoon we did take ended up being.

Our Honeymoon Diary: Top Ten Reasons to go on a Honeymoon Road Trip
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For our honeymoon, we did a two week road trip from San Antonio, Texas to a little past Portland, Maine and back. No planning, no schedule, no appointments, no booking – just us and the road. And it ended up being pretty damn great!

Thinking of doing your own? Here’s my Top Ten Reasons to go on a Honeymoon Road Trip:

  1. Lots of together time. All that time on the road in one car equals loads of time to talk, be silent, and hold hands.
  2. Gas is cheaper than plane tickets. We drove our Madza 3 (which is a friggin’ DREAM car for fuel-efficiency) and ended up filling up about seven times total during the entire trip. SEVEN. That equaled about $300 total for both of us to travel around 4,500 miles.
  3. You can pack more stuff. No worrying about fitting everything into a carry-on. We both packed full-size luggage plus my laptop. And then we shopped! If it fit in the car, we didn’t worry about it.
  4. Affordable snacking. When stuck in an airport or hotel, the snacks can be waaaay overpriced. Since you have your own car, you can go to a grocery store and load up on affordable munchies.
  5. Lots of chances for nookie. The Mile High Club? Overrated and actually pretty damn hard to schedule in. Road trip lovin’? Totally do-able.
  6. Impromptu sightseeing. We ended up stopping at several places along the way just because they caught our eye. And every single one was totally worth it (I’m looking at you Birmingham Civil Rights Museum!).
  7. Loud hotel sex. We only stayed in the same hotel room once. And that means, no worrying about what the people in other rooms overhear.
  8. Scoring hotel deals. Not planning has its benefits – we could just drive around late at night and ask for discounts at hotels looking for a “perfect fill” (that when a hotel is at 100% capacity and then the employees get a bonus). We also used our phones to look up hotels a little outside main areas – this got us better deals at nicer hotels.
  9. Food souvenirs. Can’t take a Maine lobster on a plane can you? But you sure can pick one up and take it with you if you drive!
  10. No stressing about the weather. We ended up reworking our entire honeymoon “plan” (the loosely organized one we did have) due to a fluke storm the hit the East Coast during our time there. It was no biggie because we had a car and could drive to the less stormy areas and then visiting other places later.

Would any of you consider a road trip honeymoon instead of the traditional "fly to an exotic location" one?

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    • I have to say that this does sound fun. I guess we never have thought about it because we drive back to Arkansas so much. I bet it would be 100% different going for vacation with no agenda. I think the no agenda thing is what is most appealing 🙂

    • Apologies if I am commenting the same thing twice – I think I just messed the other one up – but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post! Our original honeymoon plans had to be cancelled as well, and it was sad, but we enjoyed the redo of course and after all, it’s not about the honeymoon location, it’s about the couple!

    • You are too funny! I love this post and idea for couples. We too went on a road trip from Savannah to Asheville, NC and stayed in a cabin — so #7 didn’t matter AND we had a full kitchen so we made breakfast every morning and ate on our porch looking out to the mountains. Road trips are great bonding experiences and we’ve done so many since we can stop in and see more friends/family along the way 🙂

    • That sounds amazing! We considered getting an apartment (via a military timeshare program) and hunkering down on the New England coast but decided to do that as a family vacation (after we have a family). But a cabin? LOVE!