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It's really not that hard to plan and enjoy a great honeymoon, but there are all sorts of mistakes people make that can result in a nightmare of a honeymoon. Here are the twelve most common ways you can ruin your honeymoon:

It's really not that hard to plan and enjoy a great honeymoon, but there are all sorts of mistakes people make that can result in a nightmare of a honeymoon. Here are the twelve most common ways you can ruin your honeymoon:

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1. Last minute planning. Leaving your planning until the last minute can result in paying more for accommodations, not getting your first room choice, or worse yet, not getting a reservation at the resort you’ve selected. Start planning your honeymoon months ahead of time, just like you do for your wedding!

2. Skipping plans for your wedding night. Make sure you have somewhere nice to stay on your wedding night, as well as a way to get there! Ideally, you won't have to drive far to get there. Also consider the distance and the time to get to the airport, if you're flying out on your honeymoon the next day.

3. Going into debt for your honeymoon. Most people have enough debt on their hands, so try not to plan on using your credit cards to pay for your honeymoon. With a good budget and planning, as well as a honeymoon registry, you should be able to plan a debt-free honeymoon that will leave you with all the great memories and none of the monthly payments.

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4. Not talking about your honeymoon plans together. Your honeymoon, like your wedding day, is about both of you. Make sure you spend time discussing what you'd like to do on your honeymoon, even if one partner has the primary responsibility for planning it.

5. Thinking inside the box on honeymoon locations. There are many great places to honeymoon. Just because most couples end up on a sunny tropical beach doesn't mean you have to. Think about traveling to destinations in the off or low season, stay within the continental US, and consider metropolitan cities where there are sightseeing opportunities, museums, shows and fine dining.

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6. Packing at the last minute. Like last minute planning, last minute packing makes you more likely to forget something important. Make a list a few weeks in advance, and pack at least a week ahead of the wedding to make sure you've got it all together. A detailed packing list is very helpful. I recommend the one provided by

7. Packing too much. Packing too much can be expensive and a struggle transporting it to the airport and hotel. It becomes a problem if you're staying in a small cruise cabin or are switching hotels during your honeymoon. Pack the essentials; most hotels offer laundry and dry cleaning services if needed.

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8. Forgetting to check up on your passports before you leave. This is essential and it needs to be one of the first things you do when planning your honeymoon. If you need your passports, make sure they'll be current and ready to go at the time you're leaving for your honeymoon!

9. Not planning enough activities. Some couples prefer a laid-back and relaxing honeymoon, but an entire week of lying around in bed or on the beach doesn't appeal to most people. Plan at least a few fun and adventurous activities you can do together on your honeymoon.

10. Planning too many activities. On the other hand, you may be coming off of several weeks (or months) of intense wedding preparations and you'll need some time to unwind. Don't pack your honeymoon so full of activity that you don't have time to relax and enjoy some quiet romantic time together.

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11. Trying to do everything together. Just because it's your honeymoon doesn't mean you have to be attached at the hip every moment of every day. This can be a recipe for frustration, especially if you aren't used to being together 24/7. Plan at least a couple of separate activities based on personal interests, like a spa treatment or a gym workout. You can also take books so you can each read while lying on the beach!

12. Not considering a honeymoon registry. A honeymoon registry can help with every aspect of your honeymoon, from getting a jump-start on planning to selecting fun activities you can do together. Your wedding guests will enjoy providing you with a gift that will help fund the honeymoon of your dreams. This wedding gift may be more meaningful than another toaster for your kitchen!

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