Partnered Post: How to Put Together a Faultless Wedding Outfit


Summer is just around the corner now which means that wedding season is almost upon us, how exciting! But what shall I wear? Wedding outfits are notoriously hard to choose when faced with such a variety of choice. So let this step by step plan guide you through to make sure you look fabulous in your wedding attire.

First things first…

An easy and elegant choice for a summer wedding is always going to be a dress. But with so many styles what is right for you? Floral patterns are very on trend but not to everyone’s taste so think about what you would feel comfortable wearing. Blue is always an elegant choice and can be worn all year round, so you will be sure to wear it again. The cut of the dress is also important for a wedding a length just above or below the knee is best and if you don’t like your arms go for a cap sleeved option.

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Will I need a cover up?

Chances are you will be outside for a while socialising and while the photos are taken so a cover up is always a sensible idea and there are plenty of options. If the weather is expected to be warm a light chiffon shawl will look great draped lightly over your shoulders and will look very sophisticated. For a more substantial alternative that will still allow for your dress to be shown underneath go for a cropped bolero jacket in a complementary shade to your dress. If you expect to outside for quite a while and the weather is predictably unpredictable a blazer will keep you warm but still look smart.