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Planning hen parties aren’t as easy as you think (although admittedly they aren’t as tricky as weddings however they can come pretty close!) For example you need to think about things like, How many hens will be going?  Where do you go to book Marbella Hen weekends? What colour hen accessories do you buy?! O.K. maybe the last point isn’t as important as the rest of them but still! It’s all these little details and more that you need to think about!

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So to help all you ladies planning a hen/bachelorette party out there, we’ve compiled all our best tips into one useful article to help you through the process…

Tip 1: – Get to know your hens before the party

Aside from just generally being a good idea, doing this will prove to everyone that you’re capable and friendly (which is never a bad thing.) So invite everyone round for a drink and meet to exchange ideas for the party (maybe leave the bride-to-be out of this if it’s a surprise party.) Oh and we suggest you take this chance to swap numbers so you have everyone’s details, just in case you need to contact them  or (heaven forbid!) anything should happen during or before the hen weekend.

Tip 2:- Decide what you’re doing and where you’re going

If you’ve met up with the other hens then you’ll probably have a good idea of what the other ladies like and what they don’t like.  So make sure you take everyone’s tastes and budget into consideration before booking anything. You may also need to ask yourself questions like “Are we going abroad or staying at home?” and “Are we going paintballing or having a spa day?” Once you’ve answered these questions and know for certain, then (and only then) should you book anything.

Tip 3:- Organise transport

Not very exciting we know but very important nonetheless, especially if you’re staying at home for your hen party. We recommend you get this out of the way with beforehand, in fact the best thing to do is book a minibus or (if you’re feeling glamorous) a limo to drive you and the girls around in. Or if you didn’t want to spend too much  money on transport see if you can get a sober friend or a family member to drop you off and pick you up? Failing that there’s always taxis, however make sure you and everyone in the group has cash so you can all help pitch in.

Tip 4:- Accessorize

This is definitely one of the best parts about arranging hen weekends, because you get to pick a hen party theme and/or buy silly accessories for the whole group to wear! Plus the great thing about hen party accessories and costumes is that there are so many of them for available now that you won’t have a problem finding something to coordinate with your hen night outfit. So go grab that fluffy trimmed, pink cowboy hat because (believe us) there aren’t very many occasions where you can enjoy dressing up as a cheeky pink cowgirl…

Tip 5:- Keep everyone in the loop

Again this may seem obvious but to avoid any hen party disasters it’s best to keep everyone in the party “in the know” after every stage. That way you’ll avoid any disagreements, however if there are you’ll (hopefully) have enough time to remedy the situation. Plus it’s only fair to inform the group if they need to pack/wear anything particular. As no one will be happy to learn that the group is going horse riding and all they’ve packed are strappy sandals and heels…

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And that’s it ladies! It’s really not as hard as it looks and so long as you use your common sense and follow this handy guide you’ll be able to plan some of the best hen parties ever!

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  • Everyone finds it stressful to plan a Hen Party. In the next few weeks im helping my sister in law plan hers and will be passing all this information onto her as i think it will help her relax a little more. I agree with you about the hen party accessories and costumes being the most fun of it all 😀 x