Pregnancy: We’re Having A…

The Boy refuses to guess and I'm convinced we're having a boy. I've based this solely on the highly scientific thoery that, over the years, people have given me little girl baby stuff (my mom, the family I nannied for). I have so much little baby girl stuff and no job so, OF COURSE, God will be giving me a boy. That's the way my life goes.

All jokes aside, we will be thrilled whatever we get. Seriously. When you get as old as we are and have basically given up on ever having kids – you're pretty damned chuffed with ANYTHING. On the fun side, we'll be really excited to know the gender so we can start thinking up names and buying baby stuff.

Why We Chose To Find Out

For those wondering, I decided long before I even met my husband that if I ever got pregnant I would find out the gender of my baby. Once I got pregnant, The Boy and I discussed a few big choices right off – one being whether or not to find out. He was undecided at that time so I told him that I would respect whatever decision he made. But, about a week ago, I pointed out that we needed to decide one way or another. He told me that he wanted to know.

We shared our decision with our families last week. I overheard him telling my best friend that originally, he really wanted to be surprised at the birth but changed his mind once he thought about it. We are on a really tight budget and also have MANY friends and family who want to share in the joy of a baby – so knowing the gender would be beneficial to all. Plus, it will help us narrow down names and allow us to stop calling the baby “It”.

Sooooo… BIG NEWS. We were able to sneak into an ultrasound yesterday and while in there – we found out the gender of Baby Voldemort! Here's the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – we're having a…

It was SO incredibly exciting to see her in the ultrasound (Girl was MOVIN' – the tech kept having to chase her around to do the images)! With our insurance, we weren't covered for ultrasounds to find out the gender. But this was the big, mandatory, halfway ultrasound, so we told our tech that while he was in there – if he saw something, it was okay to let us know. About 10 images in, the tech took a moment to show us the thigh bones. Then the buttocks. Then:

Tech: See those three vertical lines?
Me: Is that? Are we having a girl?
Tech: Yes, your baby is a girl.
Me (to The Boy): You're going to have to get out your shotgun now.

Then I started crying. It was all so overwhelming. We were looking at our baby for the first time and we could finally call “it” a “she”. In fact, after that, during the entire (long) ultrasound we would point out “her little hands” and “look at her spine” to each other. It is SO awesome to be able to call her our little girl. I'm going to have a daughter. The Boy is going to have a baby girl. We're pretty thrilled.

And let me tell you, it. is. a. girl. It's like she was auditioning for “Girls Gone Wild” in that image. We are DEFINITELY having a girl. We haven't picked out names or anything but right after the ultrasound, we went to the BX and bought a cute little pink nightgown for her to wear home after she's born. Then we called/texted our family (grandmas first) and our closest friends. We found out later that evening that both grandmas (independently) went out and bought her little outfits that same day!

Did you find out the gender of your baby before it was born?


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