Represent Your Team With MLB Maternity Wear

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It's baseball season, bitches! We are big sports fans in our house and just about any night of the week will find us hanging out in the living room with some sporting event on the TV. Right now, we're all in for our favorite sport – baseball (I root for the Boston Red Sox and he's all over the Texas Rangers).

Every year since we started dating, we have had a tradition of attending one Red Sox at Rangers game in Arlington a year. Now that we have a kid – the tradition is still going strong (read more about my experience attending a game while knocked up and see how I DIYed a cute dual team jersey for my daughter so she could cheer for both our teams).

Are you knocked up and want to show your team pride, too? Then check out the options below and see how you can represent your team with MLB maternity wear:

Represent Your Team With MLB Maternity Wear #baby #expecting #maternity #baseball

NL East: Washington Nationals // New York Mets // Philadelphia Phillies // Miami Marlins // Atlanta Braves
NL Central: Pittsburgh Pirates // Cincinnati Reds // Milwaukee Brewers // Chicago Cubs // St. Louis Cardinals
NL West: L.A. Dodgers // San Francisco Giants // San Diego Padres // Colorado Rockies // Arizona Diamondbacks
AL East: New York Yankees // Boston Red Sox // Tampa Bay Rays // Baltimore Orioles // Toronto Blue Jays
AL Central: Chicago White Sox // Minnesota Twins // Kansas City Royals // Detroit Tigers // Cleveland Indians
AL West: Texas Rangers // Seattle Mariners // Oakland Athletics // Angels of Anaheim // Houston Astros

Who are you rooting for?