Me At 28 Weeks

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I'm at 28 weeks in the second pregnancy and that means that I am officially in the third trimester! Woot!

Me At 28 Weeks

I'm definitely feeling a little more tired these days but otherwise, this time around has been SO MUCH EASIER than my first pregnancy!

As I did with my first pregnancy, I'm taking photos and doing a cute week-by-week FYI session from here on out (ala Little Baby Garvin).

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Cris Stone, shares a rundown of her 28th week of pregnancy. Find out more!

How far along?

28 Weeks.

Total weight gain/loss:

I'm guessing a lot. Honestly, I've had a few bad weeks and ate my feelings and now I'm avoiding the scale. Super mature, right?

Maternity clothes?

Picked up these leggings and this cardigan to wear in Chicago and I love them!

Stretch marks?

Yep. I'm using this cream to see if I can make them less noticeable/not get new ones. Jury's still out.


Sleep has been an issue this past week. My anxiety kicked in over this conference in Chicago so I've been waking up around 2AM and tossing and turning for hours.

Best moment this week:

Melanie's new thing is to put one of her pretend stethoscopes up to my belly and “listen” to the baby's heartbeat (basically, me mimicking the woosh woosh sounds the fetal heartbeat monitor makes at my appointments).

It's super cute and shows that she's really paying attention at my appointments and starting to connect with the concept of a baby.

Miss Anything?

Squatting down without losing my balance.


Melanie was a roller and this guy's a kicker. Like, ALL THE TIME.

Food cravings:

Ice cream – preferably milkshakes.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Not this week.



Labor Signs:


Belly Button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or Moody most of the time:

Lots of anxiety this past week.

Looking forward to:

Meeting up with friends in Chicago and relaxing ALONE in my room at night.

In other news, still haven't made my 3 hour glucose test appointment and I'm so going to hear about it on Friday at my appointment.

In my defense, we only have one car and no childcare so I have to wait for a day that my husband is at home and he's been hammered at work.

Also, we got AMAZING news about the value of our (craptastic) house and we're thrilled to be able to (eventually) leverage that into a home equity loan to make improvements.

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