Wedding Wednesday: I GOT MY DRESS!!!


Remember how I got a free wedding dress (Click the link to find out how. Seriously, it's totally worth it! I'll wait.)? Well, my wedding dress arrived in Texas last week and I got to meet the lovely Elizabeth Fairchild – who handed it over to me! This is Elizabeth wearing "our" wedding dress:

060111 b 

Isn't she a looker (the dress, too!)? So, here's how it all went down. On Sunday, The Boy, Liz, and I met at the Blanco Uptown Restaurant for a most excellent dinner (really fab – if you're anywhere near Hill Country it is completely worth the drive!).

I was worried that dinner was going to feel awkward and disjointed (I'm terrible with meeting new people and small talk) but since Elizabeth and I have been emailing each other for several months now, it was a very pleasant meal. We talked about how she met her husband, what it's like living in Southern California, and how awesome the food was (Seriously. Go.). After the meal, we walked around the grounds (and even looked inside an actual cira 1870's jailhouse!)… that's when this photo got taken.

062911 a 

Yay! After that, we walked Liz to her car and that's when this happened:

062911 b 

That's right! I got "our" gorge wedding dress (Yes, The Boy was there, yes he saw it, and no, I don't care.). She pulled it out and showed me all the amazing beading (which I was clueless about – I had thought that the dress was only lace. Turns out, it's actually lace + sequins + beading!), the bustle, and the halter neck. Then we hugged a bunch (and I may or may not have squealed and clapped my hands several times) and said our goodbyes. When The Boy and I got home, I hung the dress up (in Casa De Crap's only "safe zone" from dust):

062911 c 

And busted this baby out:

062911 d  

Aaaaah! The heavens opened and the angels sang! LOOKIE! Look at how pretty it is! Here's a close-up of the beading and sequins that I totally didn't know came with the dress:

062911 e 

Y'all, with that lace and beading… my tits are gonna look great. Just sayin'. Then, I did the only natural thing at this point – I put that sucker on!

062911 f 

Okay, so that's probably not the magical, amazing, gorgeous photo of me in my wedding dress that you were hoping for (that's a photo taken the next day, post-gym, no make-up). The lighting is terrible and I'm still 20 pounds away from my ideal weight (Liz knew that before gifting me with The Dress). But you know what? I adore it. I put it on and felt like I was going to be pretty on my wedding day. And I never thought (never, ever, ever) that I would be able to wear such a gorgeous gown on my wedding day on our microscopic budget. And I am sooo grateful. Liz, THANK YOU. I'm so happy (and crying a little bit writing this).

Since I got the dress Sunday, I have tried it on no less than 4 times. WHAT?!?! I had to try it one once to see if it was even close to fitting (sort of, but I am sure now that once those 20 pounds are gone – that baby's gonna fit. And that was something that was really, really worrying me.), once to show the cat, once to show the dog, and another time to get my photo taken (and watch a little TV). Totally normal and absolutely appropriate wedding-dress-wearings.

So Tulle Nation, whattya think? Would you gift your dress to a stranger? Would you wear a gifted dress? Do you think I can lose the weight (and look less like a overstuffed sausage in lace)? Share away!

Interested in learning more about The Wedding Dress Project? You can read the original post about this (from Elizabeth’s blog) here. Read my interview with Elizabeth here. Or email me about taking part in this project (dresses must be in like new condition but can be any size, style, or color). Or, just talk about The Wedding Dress Project (and my pretty, pretty dress!) in the comments!