Wedding Wednesday: It’s My Wedding And I’ll Change My Mind If I Want To

It’s Wednesday so we’re talking about my wedding planning. And I really did think I had that basics planned. Firm. Solid. Done. Um, then I saw a pretty, pretty picture and completely changed my mind. In theory, I know that’s okay – hell, I still have a whole year (and one month) before the shindig. So, plenty of time to make changes, right? However, I am soooo a planner. This total change to my initial plan actually made me feel a little queasy and like one of those Bridezillas that everyone hates. I mean, I had already discussed plans with people and started making decisions and assignments based upon my original plans! Surely, people would be pissed.

Luckily, everyone was cool with the switch – seems like it was only a big deal to me. People really liked the new plan (more versatile) and really, really liked that I could now provide people with an inspiration photo (instead of my original random ideas/descriptions/wild hand motions). So what was my big ass change?

The wedding colors.

041311 d

Image Courtesy of: From The Kitchen of Olivia

See this gorge image! I freaking LOVE it! Look at the pretty, pretty colors and the great contemporary (but coolly retro) patterns. I have actually had this bookmarked since last year and I was going to use it in a wedding porn post but! I was feeling a little lukewarm about my initial wedding color selection (remember, blues and greens like in a peacock feather?) and wanted something with a little more oomph. I actually love blues and greens and pinks and reds together (hell, that’s what we’re using in our house!) so I was naturally drawn to this image.

And I decided, why not? Why not just add in these pretty colors and make the wedding little more colorful? I really wanted to put my flower girls in pinks and use dark red peonies for my bouquet – so I’m doin’ it! These are my colors and this image is my wedding porn!

So, darlings, now I need your help! My future mother-in-law (I friggin’ adore her!) and I went out fabric shopping last week and came home with these pretty babies:

041311 c
 041311 a 
  041311 b  

And now I need more! MORE PRETTY, PRETTY FABRICS!!! Please help me out and link me to some more fabrics that you think would work (sheets are also totally acceptable!). Craftyminx, Craftosaurus, Elise, Kellie? KMT readers? Help a bride out! Go ahead and chime in below with suggestions and links.