Wedding Wednesday: Our Alaska Civil Ceremony Thank You Notes

It’s Wedding Wednesday again here at Kiss My Tulle and now that I finally got off my ass and sent them – I can tell you all about my cutie patootie thank you notes from our Alaskan civil ceremony.

Now, there was not a great deal of planning pre-thank you notes. Remember how we got married on three days’ notice? Yeah… we didn’t mail out invitations – much less carefully coordinate a wedding stationery suite. So, when I came back to Texas, I was thrilled when Shimmer + Silk posted a wonderful guest post from Little Bit of Heart which included a free printable note! I decided it was a sign from God and printed a small stack of those babies out to use as thank you notes.

Here’s my finished stack of thank you notes ready to pop in the mail:

102611 a
*The washi tape is where our return address was stamped*

And here’s how I made them:

102611 b




Step One: Download and print the free printable note from Shimmer + Silk/Little Bit of Heart. Use the paper trimmer to separate and trim the notes. Write thank you notes (use this Fill-in-the-Blank method if you're stuck).

102611 c

Step Two: Use the paper shredder to shred the double-sided cardstock. Insert completed thank you notes into the vellum envelopes and add a handful of shredded cardstock.

102611 e

Step Three: Seal envelopes and add washi tape for decoration.

102611 d

Step Four: Add paper labels to front and address. Add washi tape to return address location, if desired. Write return address (I used a custom rubber stamp to address ours).

So, Tulle Nation – whaddya think? I know that Nicole over at Big Day for 10k got one and tweeted, “Uh oh… @kissmytulle is beating me to thank you notes!! (PS – totally love it, cutest ever!).” So, it’s official – they’re adorable! Will any of you be using the free printable from Shimmer + Silk and Little Bit of Heart? What for? Do tell!